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January 21

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars for February 2015
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January 20

Breast Cancer Stem Cell Self-Promotion Occurs through Extracellular Matrix Modification
A compelling 2015 study by Chang et al. demonstrates that a specialized population of breast cancer stem cells promotes its own “stemness” and influences its microenvironment through a TAZ transcriptional positive feedback loop. 

January 20

Curcumin Attenuates Western Diet-Induced Disease by Increasing Intestinal Barrier Function
An exciting new study in PLOS One (Ghosh, Bie, Wang, and Ghosh. 2014) demonstrates the potential for targeting intestinal barrier function as a therapeutic approach for metabolic diseases like atherosclerosis and Type 2 Diabetes  and identifies curcumin as a strong therapeutic candidate.

January 6

Pneumococcal bacteria can directly infect and damage the heart in mice: Implications for human heart disease.
A recent article by Brown et al. in PLoS Pathogens demonstrate that Streptococcus pneumonia, a common Gram-positive bacterium, directly damages myocardium and disrupts cardiac function, providing compelling evidence that direct infection of heart tissue by bacteria can contribution to heart disease.

January 6

Triagonist Peptide for Weight Loss and Glycemic Control
A new report in Nature Medicine (Finan et al. 2014) describes a synthetic peptide agonist capable of binding three different hormone receptors that are key regulators of metabolism.  The triagonist peptide reduced body weight, improved glycemic control, reversed hepatic steatosis, and maintained lean body mass in several rodent models of human type 2 diabetes.

January 6

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars for January 2015
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January 5

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December 10

Safer Gene Therapy for Immuno-Oncology
An important advance in developing safer gene therapies for immune-mediated cancer treatments has been reported in Cancer Research (Gschweng et al. 2014).  The safety of gene delivery by viral vectors into human hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) is a legitimate concern based on adverse events observed in early clinical trials. Gschweng et al. have addresses this issue by creating a vector engineered to co-deliver a suicide gene along with a therapeutic anti-tumor T cell receptor (TCR).

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