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May 18

Reduced prices on JAX® Mice strains—Special J offers
Save 25% off select strains of JAX® Mice, while supplies last

May 13

Modeling Antibody-Induced Cytokine Storm in Hu-PBMC NSG™ Mice

May 13

RBM3 Mediates Protective Effects of Cooling on Neurodegeneration

April 29

Repurposing Viagra Reverses Peripheral Neuropathy in Diabetic Mice

April 29

Psychiatric Disorders in Offspring Linked to Asthmatic Mothers

April 29

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April 16

The Cancer Arms Race: Targeting Multiple Immune Pathways to Match Cancer Evolution
In a new, reverse translational study, a team of investigators from the University of Pennsylvania report that a three-pronged, combination therapy using radiation and two checkpoint inhibitors boosts T cell responses against metastatic melanoma.

March 31

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