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November 24

In Vivo Optogenetic Modulation of Cerebellar Networks
A recent article in PLoS One demonstrates a new device to precisely control and simultaneously record from specific neuronal circuits and cell-types in vivo using optogenetic tools. 

November 24

Replacement of Embryo-derived Cardiac Macrophages with Age May Affect Heart Tissue Homeostasis
A recent study (Molawi et al., 2014) describes how resident, embryo-derived macrophages in the heart slowly lose their capacity for self-renewal, and are replaced gradually by less proliferative, monocyte-derived macrophages.   This transition is associated with decreased capacity to repair cardiac tissue, and might explain the increased prevalence of cardiac disease as we age.

November 17

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November 10

Tumor-Stromal Cell Turnover in PDX Mice
Stromal cells found within epithelial tumors can have a significant impact on the growth, vascularization, invasiveness, and metastatic potential of the cancer.  These features make stromal cell populations potential therapeutic targets.  A new publication in the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences (Maykel et al., 2014) demonstrates the importance of immunodeficient host mouse selection for efficient propagation of primary human tumors referred to as patient derived xenografts (PDX), maintenance of tumor microenvironment, and in establishing a platform for in vivo therapy testing.

October 28

Novel Inhibitor Targets Vascular and Cognitive Defects in AD Mice
A new study in Journal of Experimental Medicine (Ahn et al. 2014) describes a novel molecule that targets Aβ-fibrinogen interactions in the 5XFAD mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.  The novel inhibitor, RU-505, demonstrates efficacy in improving cerebrovascular and cognitive deficits in this model.

October 28

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October 26

Intestinal cell modifications aid gut microbiota during infection, helps host
A recent article in Nature reveals an exciting mechanism by which a host can select beneficial micro-biota to improve its own fitness during systemic infection.  The studies provide novel insights into host-gut microbiota mutualistic relationships.

October 9

Cas9 Knock-in Mice for Efficient Genome Editing In Vivo and Ex Vivo
Two novel Cas9-expressing mouse models are described in a recent Cell publication from the laboratory of Dr. Feng Zhang at MIT.  The Cre-dependent LSL-Cas9 (024857) and constitutive Cas9 (024858) mice offer numerous and exciting possibilities for genome editing in vivo and ex vivo.

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