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April 15

Using “Don’t Eat Me” as an “Eat Me” Signal to Treat Cancer
An exciting report provides preclinical data that a monoclonal antibody can block the binding of CD47 on cancer cells to SIPRα on macrophages, converting a  “don’t eat me”  signal to “eat me”. This innate immunomodulatory approach used NSG mice engrafted with a variety of different human tumor types to demonstrate elimination of tumors, increased survival of the host, and phagocytosis of metastasizing tumor cells.   

April 15

Improving Translational Research: Make Your Mouse Studies Work
An inconvenient truth about translational research is that the success rate in developing patient therapeutics is unacceptably low. A recent article provides guidelines and recommendations to make animal models to work better and calls for more investment and due diligence to characterize animal models to boost the ability of preclinical work to predict drug effects in humans.

April 15

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April 6

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April 1

Nanomedicine-Based Statin Delivery Inhibits Atherosclerotic Plaque Development
Atherosclerosis is a progressive inflammatory disease affecting arterial blood vessels.   Recently published in Nature Communications, Duivenvoorden et al. describe a novel nanomedicine that significantly reduces plaque area and inflammation.

April 1

Humanized FcRn Mice: New Models for Evaluating Pharmacokinetics of Human Therapeutic Antibodies
New models of humanized mice that are designed for evaluating therapeutic mAbs are presented and reviewed in a recent publication in Methods (G. Proetzel and D.C. Roopenian 2014). This article provides compiling evidence supporting the invaluable role of humanized FcRn models as strong and viable alternatives to primate PK studies of humanized mAbs and Fc-based compounds.

March 18

Breast Cancer Metastasis—not just an individual, but a group effort
A new publication in Cell (Cheung et al. 2013) uncovers a subpopulation of cells in luminal breast tumors lead a multicellular “collective invasion” of surrounding tissue.

March 18

Spontaneous Hair Cell Regeneration in Neonatal Mouse Cochlea
In a recent report published in Development (Cox et al.) designed two genetic mouse models for hair cell ablation, and found spontaneous regeneration in the cochlea of neonatal mice.

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