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June 24

The XactMice You Need For a Tumor Microenvironment
A new publication in Oncogene (Morton et al., 2015) demonstrates the importance of human immune cells in maintaining the microenvironment of a patient derived xenograft (PDX).   The human immune cells infiltrate the tumor, stimulate lymphangiogenesis, and help maintain the original genetic expression profile of the PDX.  These observations highlight the complex interactions between tumors and the immune system and their importance in maintaining original tumor fidelity.  Humanized, tumor-bearing mice are clearly an important and relevant platform for studying human tumor biology, and will be an important tool for future preclinical efficacy testing.

June 24

Lymphatic Vessels Discovered within the Mouse Central Nervous System
A recent Nature study (Louveau et al. 2015) describes the discovery and characterization of lymphatic vessels in the dura of the central nervous system.  These long-elusive structures answer many neuroanatomical questions regarding how immune cells enter and exit the brain, and may improve our understanding of neural disease etiology and suggest novel treatment paradigms. 

June 24

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June 15

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June 10

Sperm Counts: A Father’s Influence Is Far-Reaching
Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine demonstrate that environmental experience is transmitted through epigenetic modifications in the male germline and physically shapes neuroanatomy (Dias and Ressler 2014).

June 10

The ZEN of CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing

A recent publication in Genetics (Qin et al. 2015) by JAX researchers describes the use of electroporation to more efficiently deliver Cas9 mRNA, sgRNA and donor nucleotides to mouse embryos. The method allows more efficient generation of mice with a range of genetic alterations.

May 27

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars for June 2015
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May 27

Oxytocin Primes the Maternal Left Brain in Mice

New York University researchers have identified oxytocin-responsive neurons in the left auditory cortex that mediate maternal pup retrieval.

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