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September 16

Targeting Endothelin and Complement Pathways is Effective in Preventing Glaucoma in Mice
A recent article in Neurobiology of Disease revealed an exciting and robust therapeutic strategy to prevent glaucoma development in mice using combinatorial inhibition of both the endothelin system and the classical complement cascade. Their studies offer great potential to transform the treatment of glaucoma.

September 16

Inhibition of Obesity by Manipulation of Gut Microbiota
A new study in Journal of Clinical Investigation (Chen, et al. 2014) describes genetic engineering and therapeutic delivery of gut bacteria, which provide long-lasting inhibition of obesity and improved insulin response in both induced and polygenic mouse models of obesity.

September 8

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September 3

Validated Therapeutic Target for ALS
A new publication in Science Translational Medicine (de Boer, A. S. et al. 2014) uncovers and validates a new mechanism of disease in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease). These researchers show that microglia from ALS mice (B6SJL-Tg(SOD1*G93A)1Gur/J 002726) are toxic to normal human motor neurons in vitro. The researchers also found that blockage of signaling through the prostaglandin D receptor (Ptgdr, or DP1) could restore motor neuron survival and extend lifespan.  These findings suggest inhibiting the DPI receptor could be a viable therapeutic strategy in the future. 

September 3

MR Imaging for Monitoring Therapeutic Response in Live Mice
A new study in NeuroReport (Kim et al. 2014) describes a new non-invasive imaging technology for detection of amyloid plaques and monitoring of responses to drug treatments in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease.

August 20

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August 19

Transgenic Parasites to Dissect Host-Pathogen Interactions During Toxoplasmosis
A new report in Infection and Immunity (Christian et al.  2014) describes a powerful new T. gondii cre-lox based fluorescent reporter system for tracking host-pathogen cell interactions which can provide new insights into how host cells respond in vivo to toxoplasmosis infection.

August 19

Transparent Mice for Connectome Phenotyping
A highly innovative new technique has been published in Cell (Yang et al. 2014) that renders whole organs, and even an entire mouse, optically transparent. This amazing new development allows creation of enhanced three dimensional imaging of fluorescently labeled cells within multiple organs.  Yang et al. demonstrated imaging from cells expressing fluorescent transgenes as well as labeling by viral transduction, small molecules, mRNA probes, and antibodies. Using this approach, researchers will be able to build a “connectome” to understand the structural relationships between cell populations in both normal and pathological conditions.

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