Cancer research resources

Leverage the most powerful cancer resources available and more than 80 years of cancer research expertise.

Featured JAX® Mice for xenograft studies

Detailed descriptions of the immunodeficient features of the most popular and emerging models for xenograft studies including the most powerful immunodeficient model described to date, NSG.

Featured JAX® Mice of spontaneous and inducible tumor development

Detailed phenotypes for the most popular and newly emerging models of human cancer including induced, transgenic, and conditional models.

Identify JAX® Services that will accelerate your research

Custom compound evaluation services and models for cancer studies.

All JAX® Mice for cancer research

Browse categorized lists of hundreds different strain options for cancer research including models for xenograft and of spontaneous tumor development including models newly available and underdevelopment.

Online cancer resources

Discover the Mouse Phenome Database, Mouse Tumor Database and other online resources for cancer research.

NSG Publications 

Cancer research at The Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory, founded in 1929 as a cancer research facility and designated as an NCI-Cancer Center since 1983, remains at the forefront of cancer research. Research overview and publication listing for JAX scientists conducting cancer research.

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Courses and conferences

The Jackson Laboratory sponsors a wide variety of events on its campus in Bar Harbor and other locations.

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The Jackson Laboratory Cancer Center

As an NCI-designated Cancer Center, we use mouse genomics to identify ways to prevent or treat human cancers. Our discoveries and resources advance cancer research worldwide.

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