JAX® Mice shipping containers

Now new and improved!

We recently launched a new and improved version of our proprietary shipping container, which offers the ultimate protection for mice in transit.

JAX Mice shipping containerJAX state-of-the-art shipping containers are designed to minimize shipping stress and exposure to infectious agents. They are reusable and ideal for transporting mice within your facilities.

Our new shipping containers have tighter fitting lids and dividers.

Our new shipping containers have retained these key features

Important notes about container dividers

Key benefits of JAX® Mice shipping containers

  • Designed for maximum mouse comfort and health
  • Ideal for transporting mice between facilities
  • Autoclavable, reusable and recyclable


  • User-friendly lid with security seal
  • Superior airflow through openings on two sides and top
  • Sonic-welded filter
  • Divider insert for converting container to either one or two compartments
  • Clear lid windows for easy inspection during transit
  • All plastic construction—no staples or wires
  • Ideal size for packing and unpacking mice within a hood
  • Meets International Air Transport Association (IATA) specifications


  • Outside: 17.875" long x 11.375" wide x 7.5" deep
  • Inside floor space: 14.625" long x 8" wide
  • Nested (six containers with lids): 17.875" long x 11.375" wide x 22" high


  • $13.00 each when shipped with orders of mice
  • $26.50 each when shipped alone (costs vary with number bought and destination). New containers shipped alone are sent via UPS.

Shipping containers designed in cooperation with Jarden Plastic Solutions.