JAX® Cells, tissues & products

Superior quality JAX® Mice cells, tissues, and embryos — for those of you who don't need a whole mouse

Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells (JAX® mES cells)

Twenty-six genetically well-defined mES cells of gold standard quality from many of our most popular JAX® Mice strains.p>

JAX® Morula Stage Embryos

Embryos cryopreserved at the morula stage of development that can be ready to inject with ES cells after overnight culture.

JAX® Mice Tissues and Biospecimens

More than 50 cell, tissue, and fluid types are collected and prepared by our highly skilled surgeons using aseptic techniques.

JAX® Mice embryos

Each shipment contains enough embryos to recover at least two pair of mice and includes detailed recovery protocols.

Shipping containers

These containers are specially designed to make mice comfortable and protect them from contaminants. They are ideal for transporting mice within your facility.

DNA Resource

DNA samples are no longer available for purchase. JAX® Mice and specific tissues are available for DNA purification at your institution. Detailed DNA purification protocols are also available online.

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