Type 2 diabetes and obesity research resources

Leverage the world's largest collection of diabetes and obesity mouse models and more than 80 years of research expertise.

Use this resource to:

  • Compare phenotypes and select the best model for your study
  • Identify JAX® Services that will accelerate your research
  • Access information supporting the use of the models you select

Comparison of mouse & human phenotypes

Comparison of the major type 2 diabetes and obesity phenotypes among humans and 7 widely used mouse models.

JAX® Services for diabetes & obesity researchers

Study ready diet-induced obesity C57BL/6J model and related services.

Featured JAX® Mice models of type 2 diabetes & obesity

Detailed phenotypes for the most popular and newly emerging models of human type 2 diabetes & obesity.

Additional selected JAX® Mice

Models that may be used as tools in diabetes & obesity research.

All JAX® Mice strains for diabetes & obesity research

Find comprehensive strain options based on phenotype and/or disease manifestation.

Online resources

Discover the Mouse Phenome Database and other online resources for type 2 diabetes and obesity research.

Diabetes & obesity research at The Jackson Laboratory

Research overview and publication listing for scientists conducting diabetes, obesity, or related research at The Jackson Laboratory

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