JAX® Diet-Induced Obesity (DIO) Models

Leverage inventoried and custom DIO research options

Key benefits

  • Study ready Diet-Induced Obese (DIO) C57BL/6J males and controls available from 7-30 weeks of age
  • Model of pre-diabetic type 2 diabetes and obesity with elevated blood glucose and impaired glucose tolerance
  • Can be integrated with our In Vivo Pharmacology Services

DIO mice pricing

DIO phenotype

Ordering information

Custom Diet mice

  • Customize diets and studies can be designed for C57BL/6J or any other strain
  • To get started, complete the Custom Diet Project quote form, or contact JAX® Services at jaxservices@jax.org, 1-800-422-6423 (US, Canada & Puerto Rico) or 1-207-288-5845 (from any location).


Volume pricing for DIO mice and controls

DIO mice (on the 60% fat diet) and DIO control mice (on the 10% fat diet) have both been added to our volume pricing program.

5% off list price on 100-199
10% off list price on 200+


  • Domestic customers only
  • Volume applies to any age combination in a single sales order, but mice must be ordered in sufficient quantity as DIO or Control mice (DIO and Controls cannot be combined to reach the 100 threshold)

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