JAX Bulletin

Periodically, important information must be communicated to our customers. When necessary, JAX Bulletins are sent out to keep our customers informed on changes and findings that pertain to our mouse model supply.

The following list of bulletins is provided for archival purposes, and do not reflect ongoing issues unless otherwise noted.

Title Bulletin # Date
New 129 Nomenclature 1 June 2001 (revised)
Coat Color of C57BL/6J-Bax<tm1Sjk> Mice 2 July 1999
The Jackson Laboratory DOES NOT have MHV 3 August 1999
Update on Nomenclature Changes for Congenic Mutant Strains 4 May 2000
Diet Change Notification (stock #000642) 5 September 2000
New Gene Name for Nude Mice 6 May 2000
C3H/H3J and C3H/HeOuJ Mice Free of Exogenous MMTV 7 February 2001
Monitoring the Expression of the HLA-A2.1 Transgene 9 December 2000
Charles River and The Jackson Laboratory Cooperate in International Supply of Mouse Research Models  11 September 2001
Data Sheet for JAX® Mice Strain NONcNZO10/Ltj 
(JAX Notes Supplemental #12)
n/a January 2004