Health status reports


JAX® Mice are bred within and shipped from multiple breeding rooms, either from The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, or from our in vivo pharmacology services facility in Sacramento, California. Health Status Reports are available as PDF files (see below). These reports are organized on the basis of the shipping room of origin, which is also the breeding room of origin. To determine which room houses a strain of interest, call Customer Service at 1-800-422-6423 (US, Canada & Puerto Rico) or 1-207-288-5845 (from any location) or see Index of JAX® Mice & Room Numbers, which lists strains in Production and Repository Facilities only.

Breeding rooms for JAX® Mice are maintained in our Production, Repository or Research Facilities. ALL mice coming into The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, from ANY outside source are received in our quarantine facility where they are housed in negatively pressurized ventilated cages and where all mouse manipulations are performed in biosafety cabinets prior to rederivation; all incoming mice are rederived. Rederived mice are tested for —and proven free of— all excluded agents and selected opportunists (see list of agents monitored & policy for communication of changes in health status) prior to release into the Production, Repository or Research colonies. Individual animal housing rooms are maintained at different barrier levels: standard, high, and maximum in the Production and Repository facilities and low, intermediate, and elevated in the Research facility. See the overview of The Jackson Laboratory facility barrier levels for details.

Health status reports for production and repository facilities

These mice are bred specifically for distribution to customers. The exception is the SPF colony that consists of animals with a defined aerobic flora that are bred primarily as an in-house resource but that may be available in limited numbers for distribution to customers.

Select the area name from the list below to view its health status report. The barrier level for each area appears next to its name (select the barrier level link to see an overview of the facility barrier level terminology):

Production and Repository facilities in Bar Harbor, Maine

Room (barrier) Room (barrier) Room (barrier) Room (barrier)
AX-1 (Standard) AX-10 (Standard) MP-13 (Maximum) R/D (Maximum)
AX-2 (High) AX-11 (Maximum) MP-14 (Maximum) SPF (Maximum)
AX-3 (High) AX-12 (Maximum) MP-15 (Standard) G200 (Maximum)

Additional details on
enhanced G200
health status report
AX-4 (Standard) AX-18 (Maximum) MP-16 (Standard)
AX-5 (Standard) AX-27 (Maximum) MP-23 (Standard)
AX-6 (Standard) AX-28 (Maximum) MP-24 (High)
AX-7 (High) AX-29 (Maximum)
AX-8 (Standard) AX-30 (Maximum)
AX-9 (Standard)

Animal health statement for surgical suites, Bar Harbor, Maine and Sacramento, California

The following rooms have inventory names which differ from their room names, they are listed with inventory name information for your convenience:

Room Name Inventory Name** Barrier Level
FGB-27 F27 Standard
FGB-29 F29 Standard
G-1210 RG10 Maximum
  RG30 Maximum
MGL-375/377 M375/M377 High
**Inventory names appear on invoices and shipping labels

Production facilities in Sacramento, California

Room (barrier) Room (barrier)
RB01 (Maximum) RB12 (Maximum)
RB02 (Maximum) RB13 (Maximum)
RB03 (Maximum) RB14 (Maximum)
RB04 (Maximum) RB15 (Maximum)
RB05 (Maximum) RB21 (Level 2)
RB06 (Maximum) RB22 (Level 1)
RB07 (Maximum) RB23 (Level 1)
RB08 (Maximum) RB24 (Level 1)
RB09 (Maximum) RB24 (Level 1)
RB10 (Maximum) RB24 (Level 1)
RB11 (Maximum)

RB25 (Level 1)

Health status reports for research facilities in Bar Harbor, Maine

Mice maintained in our research facilities are mostly maintained by our faculty for research purposes. Some colonies are maintained as resources colonies and consist of less commonly used strains that are bred specifically for distribution to customers or for in-house use.

Select the area name from the list below to view its Health Status Report. The barrier level for each area appears next to its name (select the barrier level link to see an overview of the facility barrier level terminology):

Room name Inventory name** Barrier level
A-1 A1 Low
A-2A A2A Low
A-2B A2B Low
A-5 A5 Intermediate
A-6 A6 Intermediate
A-7 A7 Elevated
A-8 A8 Elevated
B-1A B1A Low
B-1B B1B Low
B-2A B2A Low
  B2B Intermediate
B-5 B5 Low
B-6 B6 Low
B-7 B7 Intermediate
B-8 B8 Intermediate
D-1 D1 Intermediate
FGB-3B F3B Low
FGB-37 F37 Low
FGB-39 F39 Low
FGB-44 F44 Low
G-3A G3A Intermediate
G-3B G3B Intermediate
G-90 G90 Low
MGL-271 M271 low
MGL-273 M273 low
MGL-275 M275 low
MGL-277 M277 Low
MGL-371 M371 Low
MGL-373 M373 Low
MNBF mnbf Low
MP-26 MP26 Low
**Inventory names appear on invoices and shipping labels