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July 23

Enhancer Hijacking in Medulloblastoma
New research published in Nature (Northcott et al. 2014) describes previously unreported mechanisms of activation of oncogenes leading to medulloblastoma. Using a combination of genomic and RNA sequencing data, the authors identified chromosomal structural variants (SV) that led to changes in proximity of oncogenes, GFI1 and GFI1B,  to enhancer elements that ultimately up-regulated gene expression. Transduction of mouse neuronal stem cells with GFI1 or GFI1B in combination with Myc stimulated development of tumors in orthotopically transplanted NSG host mice, establishing a new mouse platform for medulloblastomas. The new mechanisms described in this research may help to provide new insight into the development of other heterogeneous cancers and provide new targets for molecular therapy.

July 20

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July 9

Induction of Autoimmunity in Humanized NSG Mice
A new publication in the Journal of Immunology (Vudattu, N. et al. 2014) provides evidence that treatment of “humanized” NSG mice with ipilimumab (CTLA-4 Ig) can disrupt immune tolerance and initiate features of autoimmune disease, making this the first small animal model of human specific autoimmunity. This research establishes humanized NSG mice as a new therapeutic platform to study pathogenesis of human autoimmunity and develop new therapeutic interventions with greater potential to translate to human patients suffering from a wide range of autoimmune diseases (ex. Type 1 diabetes, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.).

July 8

One-Step Generation of Genetically Engineered Mice by CRISPR/Cas Systems
Two exciting articles in Cell revealed how the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas system can be used to generate multiple gene mutations, reporter alleles and conditional alleles in mice in one step. The power of this system will undoubtedly transform genetic and biological research and facilitate the development of novel molecular therapeutics for complex human diseases.

June 25

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June 24

Autoimmunity Triggered by Antigen Mimicry
New research published in PLoS One (Massilamany et al. 2014) used SJL/J mice (000686), a model of EAE and MS, to provide compelling evidence that infectious organisms may be involved in the initiation and potentiation of autoimmune disease.  Peptides from the infectious agents mimic the same peptides identified from myelin that stimulate auto-reactive T cells.  The authors showed that infections could both prime the auto-reactive cells to initiate disease and stimulate the activity of preexisting autoimmune cells.

June 24

Osteopontin Deletion Prevents the Development of Obesity and Hepatic Steatosis
An exciting new report in PLoS One (Lancha et al. 2014) describes how Osteopontin deficiency is protective against diet-induced obesity and liver steatosis, thereby identifying a novel therapeutic target for obesity.

June 10

Insulin Degrading Enzyme Inhibitor Modulates Glucose Tolerance and Uncovers Expanded Roles
An exciting new report in Nature (Maianti et al. 2014) describes the discovery of a new insulin-degrading enzyme (IDE) inhibitor that improves glucose tolerance in a model of pre-diabetes and identifies previously unknown roles for IDE in glucose homeostasis beyond insulin regulation.

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