Our in vivo pharmacology services facility

Mouse rooms at our Sacramento, CA facility are an extension of the rooms in Bar Harbor and receive breeders monthly from Bar Harbor foundation stocks. The health status of mouse production colonies is in accordance with The Jackson Laboratory's Gold Standard, equivalent to our highest health status rooms in Bar Harbor.

Delivery service from our in vivo pharmacology services facility

Deliveries are made from our Sacramento, CA facility to customers in California and the northern West Coast.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about our Sacramento, California facility.

Veterinary care and husbandry

Veterinary care and husbandry of production and dedicated colonies of JAX® Mice maintained at our Sacramento, CA facility are upheld to The Jackson Laboratory's high standards of husbandry practices.

Strains of JAX® Mice available from our in vivo pharmacology services facility

Information about strains available for shipment from our Sacramento, CA facility.