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Authors in bold are Jackson Laboratory faculty

Fujiwara Y, Matsumoto H, Akiyama K, Srivastava A, Chikushi M, Ann Handel M, Kunieda T. An ENU-induced mutation in the mouse Rnf212 gene is associated with male meiotic failure and infertility. Reproduction 2015 Jan;149(1):67-74.

Ning G, Bijron JG, Yamamoto Y, Wang X, Howitt BE, Herfs M, Yang E, Hong Y, Cornille M, Wu L, Hanamornroongruang S, McKeon FD, Crum CP, Xian W. The PAX2-null immunophenotype defines multiple lineages with common expression signatures in benign and neoplastic oviductal epithelium. J Pathol 2014 Dec;234(4):478-87.

Sher RB, Heiman-Patterson TD, Blankenhorn EA, Jiang J, Alexander G, Deitch JS, Cox GA. A major QTL on mouse chromosome 17 resulting in lifespan variability in SOD1-G93A transgenic mouse models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Amyotroph Lateral Scler Frontotemporal Degener 2014 Dec;15(7-8):588-600.

Sundberg JP, Awgulewitsch A, Pruett ND, Potter CS, Silva KA, Stearns TM, Sundberg BA, Muñoz MW, Cuasnicu PS, King LE Jr, Rice RH. Crisp1 and alopecia areata in C3H/HeJ mice. Exp Mol Pathol 2014 Oct 29;97(3):525-528.

Tezuka T, Inoue A, Hoshi T, Weatherbee SD, Burgess RW, Ueta R, Yamanashi Y. The MuSK activator agrin has a separate role essential for postnatal maintenance of neuromuscular synapses. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2014 Nov 18;111(46):16556-61.

Tyler AL, McGarr TC, Beyer BJ, Frankel WN, Carter GW. A genetic interaction network model of a complex neurological disease. Genes Brain Behav 2014 Nov; 13(8):831-40.

Weinstock GM, Peacock SJ. Next-generation pathogen genomics. Genome Biol 2014 Nov 19;15(11):528.

Zhou Y, Burnham CA, Hink T, Chen L, Shaikh N, Wollam A, Sodergren E, Weinstock GM, Tarr PI, Dubberke ER. Phenotypic and Genotypic Analysis of Clostridium difficile Isolates: a Single-Center Study. J Clin Microbiol 2014 Dec;52(12):4260-6.