Neurobiology research resources

The Jackson Laboratory is a leader in neurobiology research and a resource for the largest collection of neurological mutants available in the world. We're here to answer your questions, help you select the right models and enable your research.

Breeding and Rederivation Services

We have special expertise in breeding mouse models for more than 30 neurobiological diseases:

  • Aging out of models with late phenotype onset 
  • Confirmation and monitoring of complex genotype and phenotype relationships
  • Study ready cohorts with the highest health status

In Vivo Pharmacology Services for neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disease

Custom compound evaluation services and models for neurobiology studies.

Featured JAX® Mice for modeling human neurological disease

Detailed descriptions and comparisons of mouse models of human disease.

All JAX® Mice for neurobiology research

Browse categorized lists of hundreds different strain options for neurobiology research including models for neurodevelopment, behavioral studies, neurodegeneration and signaling defects.

Neurobiology research tools

Explore a large collection of optogenetics, cre-lox, Tet expression, and reporter strains for neurobiology research.

Online resources for neurobiology research

More website resources

Neurobiology research at The Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory addresses a wide range for research topics regarding neurological function and dysfunction, from developmental processes and sensory disorders to neuron degeneration.

Research overview and publication listing for JAX scientists conducting neurobiology research.