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October 7, 2013 Register now for our November Webinars on Modeling Human Infectious Diseases in Mice
Webinars highlighting the challenges and innovations for studying viruses (HIV, Dengue, and Ebola), bacteria, and parasites that infect humans and how humanized NSG mice have revolutionized this field.
October 1, 2013 Desktop Wallpaper Calendars for October 2013
Free downloadable image for your desktop
September 30, 2013 First Mouse Model to Successfully Replicate Hepatitis C
Genetically humanized mice enable both infection and replication of Hepatitis C virus
September 27, 2013 Breaking the addiction to high-fat food
Excess dietary fat leads to dopamine deficiency and diminishes reward of lower calorie foods
September 17, 2013 Stem Cells Created In Vivo Have Greater Potential
Recent work has shown that iPS cells produced in vivo in mice represent a more primitive type of totipotent stem cell that is uniquely capable of producing the major embryonic and extraembryonic cell lineages.
September 16, 2013 A Dozen Facts You Didn’t Know About Cre-lox
Some underappreciated and overlooked aspects of this powerful genetic engineering tool
September 3, 2013 Relaxin muscle to treat diabetes
Treatment of obese, pre-diabetic, mice with relaxin hormone improves insulin resistance
September 3, 2013 Desktop Wallpaper Calendars for September 2013
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August 29, 2013 Bacteria are a Pain
Bacteria are capable of directly inducing pain in mouse sensory neurons, allowing suppression of the immune response
August 21, 2013 All Black 6 Mice Are Not Created Equal
New findings highlight differences in genetics and phenotypes between C57BL/6 and C57BL/6N
August 20, 2013 Sophisticated New Model for Ovarian Cancer Developed
Improved modeling of tumor microenvironment in NSG mice leads to a more clinically relevant model of ovarian cancer
August 14, 2013 Register now for our September Webinars on The Foundations of Mouse Research
Webinars on using mouse models effectively in research
August 7, 2013 Early Signs of Huntington's Disease Are Detectable in Mice
Early diagnosis in humans may facilitate therapeutic intervention
August 7, 2013 JAX Humanized NSG Mice: Ten Reasons Why They Are So Useful
How humanized NSG mice enhance preclinical research
July 23, 2013 Ear Damage by Explosions Characterized in Mice
Hearing loss due largely to loss of hair cells and associated innervation
July 19, 2013 Desktop Wallpaper Calendars for August 2013
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July 15, 2013 Silver Penetrates E. Coli's Armor
Gram-negative bacteria, watch out
July 8, 2013 Key Brain Cells Replaced in Huntington's Disease Mouse Model
BDNF and noggin over-expression drive neural regeneration
June 28, 2013 Desktop Wallpaper Calendars for July 2013
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June 25, 2013 PTSD-Like Symptoms Mitigated in Mice
Dysregulated pain-processing gene implicated
June 24, 2013 MGI Includes Orthologous Chicken, Zebrafish, and Macaque Genes
MGI now includes genomic data for chickens, zebrafish, and macaques
June 17, 2013 Anxiety-Reducing Drug Mitigates MS-Like Symptoms in Mice
Drug induces production of MS-relieving steroids
June 14, 2013 Register now for our August Autoimmune/Immunodeficient Webinars
Webinars on the immune system and humanized mice
June 11, 2013 Novel Insulin Delivery System May Eliminate Daily Injections
One injection normalizes glucose levels for two weeks in mice
June 11, 2013 New Cre Tool Strains
May be used to study bone, neuronal, immune, and stem cell biology
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