New JAX® Mice strains

As a worldwide distributor of and repository for thousands of mouse models, our collection of JAX® Mice is increasing by about 700 new strains annually, many of which are listed at the links below or at the right.

Register your interest for awaiting transfer and in progress strains

Complete the web form at the register interest link at the top of the strain datasheet.

  • Registering your interest allows us to plan the colony size to meet expected demand
  • Customers who register interest in a strain are notified of its arrival at our facility, provided with the estimated distribution date and encouraged to place an order

Awaiting transfer from the donor to our facility

We import strains from researchers and facilities worldwide. Once we start the process of acquiring a strain, prospective customers are encouraged to register interest in it.

In progress

Strains with the In Progress designation are on our campus and being established. We will be accepting orders for these strains shortly and will provide an estimated distribution date on the strain datasheets at that time. When this occurs, those who register interest will receive notification.

Under development— now accepting orders

The strain development process (i.e., importation, rederivation, and colony expansion) usually takes 6 months or longer. Placing orders for strains under development allows us to better size the colony to meet demand and offers earliest access to new models. Learn more about the strain development timeline. Once a strain arrives at our facility, its "Estimated available for distribution" date is posted on the strain data sheet and will be updated if necessary.

Strains newly available for distribution

JAX® Mice released for distribution within the last six months are listed by research area from the links on the right. (These strains include those recently released from being on hold.)