NOD scid gamma (NSG)

The most versatile immunodeficient mouse

NSG mice (005557) are the most highly immunodeficient mice, engrafting the widest range of human cells and tissues, making it the model of choice for cancer xenograft modeling, stem cell biology, humanized mice and infectious disease research.

 The 005557 strain mouse


  • Cancer/oncology
  • Humanized mice & hematopoiesis
  • HIV & infectious disease
  • Stem cells
  • Type 1 diabetes

Breakthrough research using NSG

An expanding list of NSG publications, including seminal papers highlighting advancements in cancer, stem cell biology, infectious disease and mouse humanization.

NSG mouse model portfolio

Enhanced NSG models that have leveraged the unique characteristics of the NSG mouse for advanced and innovative scientific discovery.

Immunodeficient mice comparison

Comparison of the NSG mouse with other published immunodeficient strains.

Housing and handling immunodeficient strains

Information on breeding performance, housing conditions and care of highly immunodeficient strains including NSG.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about NSG mice.

NSG mouse information:


Questions about research applications of NSG mice?


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Innovative Preclinical Research Using Humanized NSG Mice
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