USA, Canada and Mexico Pricing for Stock No. 000486



Pricing Effective: June 1, 2014 for USA, Canada and Mexico shipping destinations


Standard Supply

Level 4. Up to 10 mice. Larger quantities or custom orders arranged upon request. Expected delivery up to one to three months.

  Price by Quantity (US dollars$)    
Weeks of age 1-7 Mice *8 or more mice
of same sex and genotype
3 weeks $93.00 $73.80 Female / Male
4 weeks $93.00 $73.80 Female / Male
5 weeks $93.00 $73.80 Female / Male
6 weeks $95.65 $75.90 Female / Male
7 weeks $98.30 $78.01 Female / Male
8 weeks $100.95 $80.11 Female / Male
9 weeks $103.60 $82.21 Female / Male
10 weeks $106.25 $84.31 Female / Male
11 weeks $108.90 $86.42 Female / Male

*Quantity Based Pricing Restrictions for Eight or More Mice

  1. Quantity based prices are applied to qualifying quantities for one order, one shipping date, one destination, one billing address

  2. Orders which qualify for quantity based pricing are only those for a single sex with a single genotype and reach the minimum quantity level (i.e., eight or more mice).

  3. Orders with multiple ages of the same strain do qualify as long as all ages ship in one order, to one destination, using one billing address, and on one shipping date.

  4. Quantity based prices for these strains cannot be combined with other special pricing offers.

  5. Orders for retired breeders, pregnant females, mice at specific days of age, or with other special requirements for these strains do not qualify for quantity based pricing.