JAX Surgical & Preconditioning Services

Mice aged or pre-conditioned to provide study-ready models for your research

Diet-induced obesity (DIO) models

Standard DIO mice, C57BL/6J (000664) males fed a high fat (60 kcal%) diet from six weeks old, are readily available up to 26 weeks of age. We can adapt our DIO protocol for other strains (either sex) and/or diets upon request.

STZ-induced diabetes models

C57BL/6J males with streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetes may be shipped at 8-10 days post injection. We can adapt or modify our protocols to other strains and sexes upon request.

Aged JAX® Mice

We can age JAX® Mice to display one or more of a variety of disease phenotypes, such as Alzheimer's, alopecia, cancer, diet-induced obesity (DIO), and diabetes.

Timed pregnant mice

Guaranteed mated (gestational day 0-10) or guaranteed pregnant (gestational day 11-15) mice shipped when you need them.

Surgical services for JAX® Mice

Our highly skilled and expert surgeons can perform standard surgeries or we can develop custom surgeries to meet your research needs.

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