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Common Names: Tcra KO;    
Mice homozygous mice for the Tcratm1Mom targeted mutation are deficient in the alpha beta T-cell receptor. The thymus is devoid of CD4+CD8- and CD4-CD8+ cells. Normal numbers of CD4+CD8+ cells are retained without the IL2 receptor. There are normal numbers of CD4-CD8- cells. Mice may develop inflammatory bowel disease beginning at ~4-6 months of age.


Strain Information

Type Congenic; Targeted Mutation;
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Mating SystemHomozygote x Homozygote         (Female x Male)   01-MAR-06
Breeding Considerations This strain is a good breeder.
Specieslaboratory mouse
Background Strain C57BL/6J
Donor Strain 129S2 via D3 ES cell line
GenerationN13F27 (14-AUG-14)
Generation Definitions
Donating Investigator IMR Colony,   The Jackson Laboratory

Related Genotype: a/a

Mice homozygous mice for the Tcratm1Mom targeted mutation are viable and fertile. They are deficient in the alpha beta T-cell receptor. The thymus is devoid of CD4+CD8- and CD4-CD8+ cells. Normal numbers of CD4+CD8+ cells are retained without the IL2 receptor. There are normal numbers of CD4-CD8- cells. ~1% of the thymocytes express the gamma delta TCR. Mice may develop inflammatory bowel disease beginning at ~4-6 months of age.

The Tcratm1Mom mutant strain was developed by Dr. Peter Mombaerts in the laboratory of Dr. Susumu Tonegawa at the Center for Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A targeting vector with the Pgk-neo gene disrupting exon 1 of Tcra was used. The 129-derived D3 ES cell line was used. The C57BL/6J strain was generated by backcrossing mice carrying the Tcratm1Mom mutation 12 times to C57BL/6J inbred mice.

Control Information

   000664 C57BL/6J
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Strains carrying   Tcratm1Mom allele
002115   B6;129S2-Tcratm1Mom/J
004364   C.Cg-Tcratm1Mom Tcrbtm1Mom/J
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Strains carrying other alleles of Tcra
005308   B10.Cg-H2d Tg(TcraCl4,TcrbCl4)1Shrm/ShrmJ
005895   B10.Cg-Thy1a H2d Tg(TcraCl1,TcrbCl1)1Shrm/J
002761   B10.Cg-Tg(TcrAND)53Hed/J
003147   B10.D2-Hc1 H2d H2-T18c/nSnJ-Tg(DO11.10)10Dlo/J
003199   B10.PL-H2u H2-T18a/(73NS)Sn-Tg(TCRA)B1Jg/J
008684   B6.Cg-Rag1tm1Mom Tyrp1B-w Tg(Tcra,Tcrb)9Rest/J
014550   B6.Cg-Thy1a Tg(TcraCWM5,TcrbCWM5)1807Wuth/J
005023   B6.Cg-Thy1a/Cy Tg(TcraTcrb)8Rest/J
005655   B6.Cg-Tg(Tcra,Tcrb)3Ayr/J
008428   B6.Cg-Tg(Tcra,Tcrb)HRCAll/J
008429   B6.Cg-Tg(Tcra,Tcrb)HRVAll/J
008006   B6.Cg-Tg(Tcra51-11.5,Tcrb51-11.5)AR206Ayr/J
004194   B6.Cg-Tg(TcraTcrb)425Cbn/J
005236   B6.Cg-Tg(TcraY1,TcrbY1)416Tev/J
004554   B6.NOD-(D17Mit21-D17Mit10) Tg(TCRaAI4)1Dvs/DvsJ
004694   B6;D2-Tg(TcrLCMV)327Sdz/JDvsJ
002408   B6;SJL-Tg(TcrAND)53Hed/J
007848   BXSB.129P2(Cg)-Tcratm1Mjo/TheoJ
021880   BXSB.B6-Tg(TcraTcrb)1100Mjb/DcrJ
003303   C.Cg-Tg(DO11.10)10Dlo/J
002045   C.SJL-Tcrac/SlkJ
002047   C.SJL-Tcrba Tcrac/SlkJ
014639   C57BL/6-Tg(Cd4-TcraDN32D3)1Aben/J
011005   C57BL/6-Tg(H2-Kb-Tcra,-Tcrb)P25Ktk/J
026970   C57BL/6-Tg(Tcra,Tcrb)1Litt/J
006912   C57BL/6-Tg(Tcra2D2,Tcrb2D2)1Kuch/J
003831   C57BL/6-Tg(TcraTcrb)1100Mjb/J
027230   C57BL/6J-Tg(Tcra,Tcrb)2Litt/J
005307   CBy.Cg-Thy1a Tg(TcraCl4,TcrbCl4)1Shrm/ShrmJ
005922   CBy.Cg-Thy1a Tg(TcraCl1,TcrbCl1)1Shrm/J
005694   D1Lac.Cg-Tg(Tcra,Tcrb)24Efro/J
017314   NOD-Tg(TcraTcrb)2H6Lwn/J
004444   NOD.129P2(C)-Tcratm1Mjo/DoiJ
006436   NOD.Cg-(Gpi1-D7Mit346)C57BL/6J Tg(TcraAI4)1Dvs/DvsJ
026243   NOD.Cg-(D9rs4135590-D9rs13480186)H2k2Tg(ILK3mHEL)3Ccg Tg(TcrHEL3A9)1Mmd/SlsgJ
026624   NOD.Cg-(D9rs6385855-D9rs13480186)H2k2Tg(ILK3mHEL)3Ccg Tg(TcrHEL3A9)1Mmd/SlsgJ
004257   NOD.Cg-Prkdcscid Tg(TcrLCMV)327Sdz/DvsJ
004347   NOD.Cg-Rag1tm1Mom Tg(TcraAI4)1Dvs/DvsJ
009377   NOD.Cg-Rag1tm1Mom Tg(TcraBDC12-4.1)10Jos Tg(TcrbBDC12-4.1)82Gse/J
024476   NOD.Cg-Stat4tm1Gru Thy1a Ifngr1tm1Agt Tg(TcraBDC2.5,TcrbBDC2.5)1Doi/LmbrJ
005686   NOD.Cg-Thy1a Tg(TcraCl4,TcrbCl4)1Shrm/ShrmJ
004696   NOD.Cg-Tg(TcrLCMV)327Sdz/DvsJ
004460   NOD.Cg-Tg(TcraBDC2.5,TcrbBDC2.5)1Doi/DoiJ
010526   NOD.Cg-Tg(TcraTcrbNY4.1)1Pesa/DvsJ
005868   NOD.Cg-Tg(TcraTcrbNY8.3)1Pesa/DvsJ
006303   NOD.FVB-Tg(TcraBDC12-4.1)10Jos/GseJ
004334   NOD/ShiLt-Tg(TcraAI4)1Dvs
018030   SJL.Cg-Tg(TcraTcrbVP2)1Bkim/J
002597   STOCK Tg(TcrHEL3A9)1Mmd/J
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Phenotype Information

View Mammalian Phenotype Terms

Mammalian Phenotype Terms provided by MGI
      assigned by genotype


  • immune system phenotype
  • abnormal response to transplant
    • mice fail to reject tail skin from OVA expressing transgenic mice ( Tg(CAG-OVA)916Jen )   (MGI Ref ID J:91742)
  • colitis
    • a disease similar to ulcerative colitis occurs in these mice with histology revealing inflammation and elongation of the crypts   (MGI Ref ID J:135597)
  • increased mature gamma-delta T cell number
    • there are 20-fold more gammadelta T cells found in the lamina propia of the gut compared to wild-type mice   (MGI Ref ID J:135597)
  • increased susceptibility to bacterial infection
    • greatly increased susceptibility to infection with Mycobacterium paratuberculosis   (MGI Ref ID J:106241)
  • digestive/alimentary phenotype
  • abnormal large intestine morphology
    • colitis results in lengthening of the colon   (MGI Ref ID J:135597)
    • the large intestine weight to body weight ratio at 28 weeks of age is twice as great than what is observed in wild-type mice   (MGI Ref ID J:135597)
    • rectal prolapse
      • rectal prolapse occurs in about 18% of mice 24 to 60 weeks of age   (MGI Ref ID J:135597)
  • colitis
    • a disease similar to ulcerative colitis occurs in these mice with histology revealing inflammation and elongation of the crypts   (MGI Ref ID J:135597)
  • hematopoietic system phenotype
  • increased mature gamma-delta T cell number
    • there are 20-fold more gammadelta T cells found in the lamina propia of the gut compared to wild-type mice   (MGI Ref ID J:135597)

The following phenotype information is associated with a similar, but not exact match to this JAX® Mice strain.


        involves: 129S2/SvPas
  • immune system phenotype
  • absent T cells   (MGI Ref ID J:88620)
  • hematopoietic system phenotype
  • absent T cells   (MGI Ref ID J:88620)


        involves: 129S2/SvPas * C57BL/6
  • immune system phenotype
  • abnormal response to infection
    • airway vascular and airway lymphatic vessel remodeling are impaired or absent compared to wild-type mice after M. pulmonis infection   (MGI Ref ID J:119344)
  • arrested T cell differentiation
    • T cells in the thymus do not pass the double positive stage   (MGI Ref ID J:3206)
  • colitis
    • colitis occurs in mice as they age (4 months and over)   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
    • disease resembles the human disease ulcerative colitis   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • decreased CD4-positive, alpha beta T cell number
    • very few T cells are found in the thymus or periphery   (MGI Ref ID J:3206)
  • decreased CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell number
    • very few CD8 T cells are found in the thymus or periphery   (MGI Ref ID J:3206)
  • decreased IgG level
    • mice do not produce IgG following infection, although M. pulmonis-specific IgM antibodies are detected   (MGI Ref ID J:119344)
  • increased gamma-delta intraepithelial T cell number
    • numbers are markedly increased   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • respiratory system phenotype
  • abnormal respiratory system morphology
    • M. pulmonis infected mice show a diminished or intermediate airway remodeling phenotype when compared to wild-type or Igh-6 deficient mice   (MGI Ref ID J:119344)
  • hematopoietic system phenotype
  • arrested T cell differentiation
    • T cells in the thymus do not pass the double positive stage   (MGI Ref ID J:3206)
  • decreased CD4-positive, alpha beta T cell number
    • very few T cells are found in the thymus or periphery   (MGI Ref ID J:3206)
  • decreased CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell number
    • very few CD8 T cells are found in the thymus or periphery   (MGI Ref ID J:3206)
  • decreased IgG level
    • mice do not produce IgG following infection, although M. pulmonis-specific IgM antibodies are detected   (MGI Ref ID J:119344)
  • increased gamma-delta intraepithelial T cell number
    • numbers are markedly increased   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • digestive/alimentary phenotype
  • abnormal intestinal goblet cell morphology
    • pronounced depletion of goblet cells resulting from inflammation   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • chronic diarrhea
    • is observed in older mice   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • colitis
    • colitis occurs in mice as they age (4 months and over)   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
    • disease resembles the human disease ulcerative colitis   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • crypts of Lieberkuhn abscesses
    • caused by neutrophil infiltration   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • intestinal ulcer
    • occurs in rare cases   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • rectal prolapse
    • occurs in mice over 4 months of age   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • endocrine/exocrine gland phenotype
  • crypts of Lieberkuhn abscesses
    • caused by neutrophil infiltration   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
  • mortality/aging
  • premature death
    • mortality rates increase after six months of age   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
    • few mice survive longer than one year   (MGI Ref ID J:15221)
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Immunology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research
      T Cell Receptor Deficiency

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Immunological Defects

Immunology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research
CD Antigens, Antigen Receptors, and Histocompatibility Markers
      Inflammatory bowel disease
T Cell Receptor Signaling Defects

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      specific T cell deficiency

Genes & Alleles

Gene & Allele Information provided by MGI

Allele Symbol Tcratm1Mom
Allele Name targeted mutation 1, Peter Mombaerts
Allele Type Targeted (Null/Knockout)
Common Name(s) C-alpha-; TCR Calpha-; TCR alpha-; TCR alpha0; TCRmini; TCRalpha KO; TCRalpha-; alpha-;
Mutation Made By Peter Mombaerts,   Max Planck Research Unit for Neurogenetics
Strain of Origin129S2/SvPas
ES Cell Line NameD3
ES Cell Line Strain129S2/SvPas
Gene Symbol and Name Tcra, T cell receptor alpha chain
Chromosome 14
Gene Common Name(s) Tcr alpha; Tcralpha;
General Note Phenotypic Similarity to Human Syndrome: Inflammatory Bowel Disease (J:15221, J:135597)
Molecular Note A PGK-neo cassette was used to disrupt exon 1, which encodes the majority of the extracellular domain. The targeting event was confirmed by Southern analysis. [MGI Ref ID J:113136] [MGI Ref ID J:126027] [MGI Ref ID J:3206]


Genotyping Information

Genotyping Protocols

NntC57BL/6J, Separated MCA
Tcratm1Momalternate3, MELT

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References provided by MGI

Selected Reference(s)

Mombaerts P; Clarke AR; Rudnicki MA; Iacomini J; Itohara S; Lafaille JJ; Wang L; Ichikawa Y; Jaenisch R; Hooper ML; Tonegawa S. 1992. Mutations in T-cell antigen receptor genes alpha and beta block thymocyte development at different stages [published erratum appears in Nature 1992 Dec 3;360(6403):491] Nature 360(6401):225-31. [PubMed: 1359428]  [MGI Ref ID J:3206]

Additional References

Eichelberger M; McMickle A; Blackman M; Mombaerts P; Tonegawa S; Doherty PC. 1995. Functional analysis of the TCR alpha- beta+ cells that accumulate in the pneumonic lung of influenza virus-infected TCR-alpha-/- mice. J Immunol 154(4):1569-76. [PubMed: 7836742]  [MGI Ref ID J:22818]

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McGuire MV; Suthipinijtham P; Gascoigne NR. 2001. The mouse Supt16h/Fact140 gene, encoding part of the FACT chromatin transcription complex, maps close to Tcra and is highly expressed in thymus. Mamm Genome 12(8):664-7. [PubMed: 11471063]  [MGI Ref ID J:70807]

Mombaerts P; Mizoguchi E; Grusby MJ; Glimcher LH; Bhan AK; Tonegawa S. 1993. Spontaneous development of inflammatory bowel disease in T cell receptor mutant mice [see comments] Cell 75(2):274-82. [PubMed: 8104709]  [MGI Ref ID J:15221]

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Yoshimasu T; Nishide T; Seo N; Hiroi A; Ohtani T; Uede K; Furukawa F. 2004. Susceptibility of T cell receptor-alpha chain knock-out mice to ultraviolet B light and fluorouracil: a novel model for drug-induced cutaneous lupus erythematosus. Clin Exp Immunol 136(2):245-54. [PubMed: 15086387]  [MGI Ref ID J:89210]

Tcratm1Mom related

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Health & husbandry

Health & Colony Maintenance Information

Animal Health Reports

Room Number           AX30

Colony Maintenance

Breeding & HusbandryThis Tcratm1Mom strain is maintained by mating homozygous siblings. This strain should be housed under conditions similar to Prkdcscid/Prkdcscid mice or any other immunodeficient strain. Only homozygous mice may be ordered. Expected coat color from breeding:Black
Mating SystemHomozygote x Homozygote         (Female x Male)   01-MAR-06
Breeding Considerations This strain is a good breeder.
Diet Information LabDiet® 5K52/5K67

Pricing and Purchasing

Pricing, Supply Level & Notes, Controls

Pricing for USA, Canada and Mexico shipping destinations View International Pricing

Live Mice

Weeks of AgePrice per mouse (US dollars $)GenderGenotypes Provided
3 weeks $114.40Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
4 weeks $114.40Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
5 weeks $114.40Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
6 weeks $119.85Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
7 weeks $125.30Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
8 weeks $130.75Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
9 weeks $136.20Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
10 weeks $141.65Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
11 weeks $147.10Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
12 weeks $152.55Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
13 weeks $158.00Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
14 weeks $163.45Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
15 weeks $168.90Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  

Standard Supply

Level 4. Up to 10 mice. Larger quantities or custom orders arranged upon request. Expected delivery up to one to three months.

Supply Notes

  • Shipped at a specific age in weeks. Mice at a precise age in days, littermates and retired breeders are also available.
Pricing for International shipping destinations View USA Canada and Mexico Pricing

Live Mice

Weeks of AgePrice per mouse (US dollars $)GenderGenotypes Provided
3 weeks $148.80Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
4 weeks $148.80Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
5 weeks $148.80Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
6 weeks $155.90Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
7 weeks $162.90Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
8 weeks $170.00Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
9 weeks $177.10Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
10 weeks $184.20Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
11 weeks $191.30Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
12 weeks $198.40Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
13 weeks $205.40Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
14 weeks $212.50Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  
15 weeks $219.60Female or MaleHomozygous for Tcratm1Mom  

Standard Supply

Level 4. Up to 10 mice. Larger quantities or custom orders arranged upon request. Expected delivery up to one to three months.

Supply Notes

  • Shipped at a specific age in weeks. Mice at a precise age in days, littermates and retired breeders are also available.
View USA Canada and Mexico Pricing View International Pricing

Standard Supply

Level 4. Up to 10 mice. Larger quantities or custom orders arranged upon request. Expected delivery up to one to three months.

Control Information

   000664 C57BL/6J
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The Jackson Laboratory's Genotype Promise

The Jackson Laboratory has rigorous genetic quality control and mutant gene genotyping programs to ensure the genetic background of JAX® Mice strains as well as the genotypes of strains with identified molecular mutations. JAX® Mice strains are only made available to researchers after meeting our standards. However, the phenotype of each strain may not be fully characterized and/or captured in the strain data sheets. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a strain's phenotype will meet all expectations. To ensure that JAX® Mice will meet the needs of individual research projects or when requesting a strain that is new to your research, we suggest ordering and performing tests on a small number of mice to determine suitability for your particular project.
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