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Mice homozygous for Il4tm1Cgn have a reduced ability to produce Th2-derived cytokines. IL4 deficient NOD mice develop IDDM with the same incidence as standard NOD/Lt controls.


Strain Information

Type Congenic; Targeted Mutation;
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Specieslaboratory mouse
Background Strain NOD/ShiLt
Donor Strain 129P2
H2 Haplotypeg7
GenerationN9F63 (29-MAY-14)
Generation Definitions

albino, pink eyed
Related Genotype: A/A Tyrc/Tyrc

Complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) induced suppression of diabetes in NOD mice has been associated with a shift to Th2 cytokine production. NOD mice deficient in IL4 were created to investigate the role of IL4 in this shift. Mice homozygous for the Il4tm1Cgn targeted mutation are viable and fertile. T and B cell development is normal but IgG1and IgE levels and the ability of homozygous mutant mice to produce Th2-derived cytokines are significantly reduced. IL4 deficient NOD mice develop IDDM with the same incidence as standard NOD/Lt controls, and there is no change between IL4 deficient and wildtype NOD in disease protection conferred by treatment of bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine (BCG) or CFA. Both IL4 deficient and wildtype NOD mice are significantly protected from insulitis by treatment of CFA but not by treatment of BCG. (Serreze et al 2001)

The Il4tm1Cgn allele was backcrossed from B6.129P2-Il4tm1Cgn (Stock #002253) onto NOD/Lt until N9 then sibling mated to homozygosity.

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004222   NOD.129P2(B6)-Il4tm1Cgn/DvsJ
004291   NOD.Cg-Il10tm1Cgn Il4tm1Cgn/DvsJ
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002230   C57BL/6J-Tg(LckIl4)1315Dbl/J
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Phenotype Information

View Related Disease (OMIM) Terms

Related Disease (OMIM) Terms provided by MGI
- Model with phenotypic similarity to human disease where etiologies are distinct. Human genes are associated with this disease. Orthologs of these genes do not appear in the mouse genotype(s).
Diabetes Mellitus, Insulin-Dependent; IDDM
Models with phenotypic similarity to human diseases where etiology is unknown or involving genes where ortholog is unknown.
Sjogren Syndrome
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Mammalian Phenotype Terms provided by MGI
      assigned by genotype


  • homeostasis/metabolism phenotype
  • abnormal enzyme/coenzyme activity
    • amylase activity increases slightly between 4 and 20 weeks of age (234 to 291 U/L) compared to activity in wild-type which declines   (MGI Ref ID J:105803)
    • parotid secretory protein protease activity is retained in mutants while non-diseased BALB/c animals do not show activity   (MGI Ref ID J:105803)
  • increased circulating glucose level
    • mice are diabetic if 2 consecutive measures of blood glucose are >240 mg/dl   (MGI Ref ID J:95105)
  • endocrine/exocrine gland phenotype
  • abnormal salivary gland physiology
    • mice do not exhibit a decrease in salivary flow rates compared to NOD.B10-H2b mice at 4 weeks of age   (MGI Ref ID J:105803)
    • saliva maintains normal protein concentrations compared to NOD and NOD.B10-H2b controls   (MGI Ref ID J:105803)
  • immune system phenotype
  • decreased susceptibility to autoimmune disorder
    • in null females challenged with coxsackievirus B4 at 8 weeks of age, diabetes onset is not accelerated as it is in wild-type NOD females; over the 25-week follow up period, only 23% of CVB4 exposed nulls develop diabetes compared to 63% of saline-treated controls   (MGI Ref ID J:95105)
  • increased susceptibility to autoimmune disorder
    • at 12 weeks of age, null females challenged with CVB4 develop diabetes at an accelerated rate compared with saline-treated controls (80% at 10 days after infection versus 30% of controls)   (MGI Ref ID J:95105)
  • digestive/alimentary phenotype
  • abnormal salivary gland physiology
    • mice do not exhibit a decrease in salivary flow rates compared to NOD.B10-H2b mice at 4 weeks of age   (MGI Ref ID J:105803)
    • saliva maintains normal protein concentrations compared to NOD and NOD.B10-H2b controls   (MGI Ref ID J:105803)

The following phenotype information is associated with a similar, but not exact match to this JAX® Mice strain.


        either: NOD.129-Il4tm1Cgn or (involves: 129 * NOD)
  • endocrine/exocrine gland phenotype
  • insulitis
    • at 12 weeks, insulitis incidence is similar in homozygous mutants and heterozygous controls on the NOD background (N4)   (MGI Ref ID J:85924)
  • immune system phenotype
  • autoimmune response
    • there is no difference in timing or penetrance of diabetes in IL4-deficient NOD mice (N8) compared to heterozygous or wild-type NOD mice   (MGI Ref ID J:85924)
  • insulitis
    • at 12 weeks, insulitis incidence is similar in homozygous mutants and heterozygous controls on the NOD background (N4)   (MGI Ref ID J:85924)
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Research Applications
This mouse can be used to support research in many areas including:

Diabetes and Obesity Research
Impaired Wound Healing
Islet Transplantation Studies
Type 1 Diabetes (IDDM)
      Congenics with mutations affecting cytokine production by autoreactive T cells
Type 1 Diabetes (IDDM) Analysis Strains
      NOD Congenics with Mutations Affecting Cytokine Production by Autoreactive T Cells
      NOD Congenics with Mutations Affecting Immunocompetence

Hematological Research
Immunological Defects

Immunology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research
      specific T cell deficiency
Immunodeficiency Associated with Other Defects
Lymphoid Tissue Defects
Vaccine Development

Internal/Organ Research
Wound Healing

Research Tools
Cancer Research
      xenograft/transplant host
Immunology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research
      production of T cell lines and hybridomas
Internal/Organ Research

Il4tm1Cgn related

Cancer Research
Growth Factors/Receptors/Cytokines

Immunology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research
Growth Factors/Receptors/Cytokines

Genes & Alleles

Gene & Allele Information provided by MGI

Allele Symbol Il4tm1Cgn
Allele Name targeted mutation 1, University of Cologne
Allele Type Targeted (Null/Knockout)
Common Name(s) IL-4 KO; IL-4-; IL-4KO; IL-4T-; IL4-; IL4tm1cgn129; IL4T;
Mutation Made ByDr. Ralf Kuhn,   University of Cologne
Strain of Origin129P2/OlaHsd
ES Cell Line NameE14.1
ES Cell Line Strain129P2/OlaHsd
Gene Symbol and Name Il4, interleukin 4
Chromosome 11
Gene Common Name(s) BCGF-1; BCGF1; BSF-1; BSF1; IL-4; Il-4; Il4e12;
Molecular Note A translational stop codon and a neomycin resistance gene were inserted into the first exon of the gene. [MGI Ref ID J:704]


Genotyping Information

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Il4tm1Cgn, Standard PCR

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References provided by MGI

Selected Reference(s)

Serreze DV; Wasserfall C; Ottendorfer EW; Stalvey M; Pierce MA; Gauntt C; O'Donnell B; Flanagan JB; Campbell-Thompson M; Ellis TM; Atkinson MA. 2005. Diabetes acceleration or prevention by a coxsackievirus B4 infection: critical requirements for both interleukin-4 and gamma interferon. J Virol 79(2):1045-52. [PubMed: 15613333]  [MGI Ref ID J:95105]

Additional References

Il4tm1Cgn related

Aguirre SA; Perryman LE; Davis WC; McGuire TC. 1998. IL-4 protects adult C57BL/6 mice from prolonged Cryptosporidium parvum infection: analysis of CD4+alpha beta+IFN-gamma+ and CD4+alpha beta+IL-4+ lymphocytes in gut-associated lymphoid tissue during resolution of infection. J Immunol 161(4):1891-900. [PubMed: 9712058]  [MGI Ref ID J:49699]

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Andersen C; Jensen T; Nansen A; Marker O; Thomsen AR. 1999. CD4(+) T cell-mediated protection against a lethal outcome of systemic infection with vesicular stomatitis virus requires CD40 ligand expression, but not IFN-gamma or IL-4. Int Immunol 11(12):2035-42. [PubMed: 10590269]  [MGI Ref ID J:110491]

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Bancroft AJ; Artis D; Donaldson DD; Sypek JP; Grencis RK. 2000. Gastrointestinal nematode expulsion in IL-4 knockout mice is IL-13 dependent. Eur J Immunol 30(7):2083-91. [PubMed: 10940898]  [MGI Ref ID J:63513]

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