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These transgenic mice express Cre recombinase under the control of the mouse transgelin (smooth muscle protein 22-alpha) promoter. Cre recombinase activity is observed in vascular smooth muscle cells of hepatic and pulmonary arteries. When crossed with a strain containing a loxP site-flanked sequence of interest, Cre-mediated recombination results in deletion of the flanked sequence in vascular smooth muscle cells. This strain represents an effective tool for generating tissue specific-targeted mutants that would be useful in studies of vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis.


Strain Information

Type Transgenic;
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Mating SystemHomozygote x Homozygote         (Female x Male)   01-MAR-06
Specieslaboratory mouse
GenerationF?+F15 (24-MAR-11)
Generation Definitions
Donating InvestigatorDr. Joachim Herz,   Univ of Texas Southwest Med Ctr Dallas

Mice homozygous for the transgenic insert are viable, fertile, normal in size and do not display any gross physical or behavioral abnormalities. These transgenic mice express Cre recombinase under the control of the mouse transgelin (smooth muscle protein 22-alpha) promoter. Cre recombinase expression (mRNA) closely patterns endogenous transgelin expression, with the highest levels detected in the aorta, intestine and uterus. Low levels of transcript are detected in all other organs tested, likely reflecting the vascular smooth muscle compartments in the these tissues. Cre recombinase activity is observed in vascular smooth muscle cells of hepatic and pulmonary arteries, with no activity detected outside the vascular walls. When crossed with a strain containing a loxP site-flanked sequence of interest, Cre-mediated recombination results in deletion of the flanked sequence in vascular smooth muscle cells. This strain represents an effective tool for generating tissue specific-targeted mutants that would be useful in studies of vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis.

A transgenic construct containing cre coding sequence under the control of the mouse transgelin promoter was introduced into B6SJLF2 donor oocytes.

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005989   129;FVB-Tg(PTH-cre)4167Slib/J
007179   129S.Cg-Tg(UBC-cre/ERT2)1Ejb/J
007915   129S.FVB-Tg(Amh-cre)8815Reb/J
003328   129S/Sv-Tg(Prm-cre)58Og/J
026200   129S1.Cg-Tg(Vsx2-cre)2690Chow/J
004302   129S1/Sv-Hprttm1(cre)Mnn/J
022137   129S4.Cg-Tg(Wnt1-cre)2Sor/J
003960   129S6-Tg(Prnp-GFP/cre)1Blw/J
008523   129S6.Cg-Tg(NPHS2-cre)295Lbh/BroJ
009575   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)119Rdav/J
009580   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)1382Rdav/J
012688   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)13866Rdav/J
009581   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)1642Rdav/J
009582   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)1645Rdav/J
009583   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)1957Rdav/J
009584   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)2007Rdav/J
009585   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)2047Rdav/J
009574   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)21Rdav/J
009577   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)296Rdav/J
009578   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)398Rdav/J
009573   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)4Rdav/J
010688   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)6691Rdav/J
010689   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)6959Rdav/J
010690   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)7089Rdav/J
010691   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)7149Rdav/J
010692   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)7381Rdav/J
010693   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)8120Rdav/J
010694   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)8131Rdav/J
009579   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)837Rdav/J
010695   B6(129S4)-Et(cre/ERT2)9699Rdav/J
009587   B6(129S4)-Et(icre)1402Rdav/J
009588   B6(129S4)-Et(icre)1470Rdav/J
009589   B6(129S4)-Et(icre)1555Rdav/J
009586   B6(129S4)-Et(icre)754Rdav/J
010696   B6(129S4)-Et(icre/ERT2)10596Rdav/J
010697   B6(129S4)-Et(icre/ERT2)10727Rdav/J
012689   B6(129S4)-Et(icre/ERT2)14163Rdav/J
012690   B6(129S4)-Et(icre/ERT2)14208Rdav/J
012694   B6(129S4)-Et(icre/ERT2)14915Rdav/J
012687   B6(129S4)-Tg(SYN1-icre/mRFP1)9934Rdav/J
022356   B6(129X1)-Tg(Cd4-cre/ERT2)11Gnri/J
010774   B6(Cg)-Calb2tm1(cre)Zjh/J
013730   B6(Cg)-Calb2tm2.1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
017562   B6(Cg)-Cd8atm1.1(cre)Koni/J
012704   B6(Cg)-Crhtm1(cre)Zjh/J
010705   B6(Cg)-Dlx5tm1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
013048   B6(Cg)-Etv1tm1.1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
018448   B6(Cg)-Foxn1tm3(cre)Nrm/J
010776   B6(Cg)-Lhx6tm1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
010777   B6(Cg)-Pvalbtm1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
010708   B6(Cg)-Ssttm1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
016223   B6(Cg)-Tg(Phox2b-cre)3Jke/J
016829   B6(SJL)-Pou5f1tm1.1(cre/Esr1*)Yseg/J
021881   B6.129(Cg)-Arctm1.1(cre/ERT2)Luo/J
018867   B6.129(Cg)-Axin2tm1(cre/ERT2)Rnu/J
021882   B6.129(Cg)-Fostm1.1(cre/ERT2)Luo/J
016959   B6.129(Cg)-Foxp3tm4(YFP/cre)Ayr/J
023055   B6.129(Cg)-Krt12tm3(cre)Wwk/J
008463   B6.129-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1(cre/ERT2)Tyj/J
008320   B6.129-Leprtm2(cre)Rck/J
017526   B6.129-Nos1tm1(cre)Mgmj/J
005697   B6.129-Otx1tm4(cre)Asim/J
018938   B6.129-Tac2tm1.1(cre)Qima/J
017769   B6.129-Trpv1tm1(cre)Bbm/J
004146   B6.129-Tg(Pcp2-cre)2Mpin/J
008710   B6.129P2(129S4)-Hprttm10(Ple162-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
008877   B6.129P2(129S4)-Hprttm12(Ple177-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
009116   B6.129P2(129S4)-Hprttm16(Ple167-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
008709   B6.129P2(129S4)-Hprttm9(Ple178-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
006785   B6.129P2(C)-Cd19tm1(cre)Cgn/J
021160   B6.129P2(Cg)-Cx3cr1tm2.1(cre/ERT)Litt/WganJ
006084   B6.129P2(Cg)-Foxg1tm1(cre)Skm/J
010611   B6.129P2(Cg)-Ighg1tm1(IRES-cre)Cgn/J
007770   B6.129P2-Aicdatm1(cre)Mnz/J
008875   B6.129P2-Lgr5tm1(cre/ERT2)Cle/J
016934   B6.129P2-Lgr6tm2.1(cre/ERT2)Cle/J
004781   B6.129P2-Lyz2tm1(cre)Ifo/J
017320   B6.129P2-Pvalbtm1(cre)Arbr/J
016222   B6.129S(Cg)-Id2tm1.1(cre/ERT2)Blh/ZhuJ
017915   B6.129S(Cg)-Pgrtm1.1(cre)Shah/AndJ
013594   B6.129S-Atoh1tm5.1(Cre/PGR)Hzo/J
021794   B6.129S1(Cg)-Ascl3tm1.1(EGFP/cre)Ovi/J
024637   B6.129S1(SJL)-Nkx2-5tm2(cre)Rph/J
006600   B6.129S1-Mnx1tm4(cre)Tmj/J
005628   B6.129S2-Emx1tm1(cre)Krj/J
022510   B6.129S4-Gpr88tm1.1(cre/GFP)Rpa/J
017578   B6.129S4-Mcpt8tm1(cre)Lky/J
003755   B6.129S4-Meox2tm1(cre)Sor/J
007893   B6.129S4-Myf5tm3(cre)Sor/J
005623   B6.129S6-Shhtm2(cre/ERT2)Cjt/J
006878   B6.129S6-Taglntm2(cre)Yec/J
012839   B6.129X1(Cg)-Tnfrsf4tm2(cre)Nik/J
008712   B6.129X1-Twist2tm1.1(cre)Dor/J
006054   B6.C-Tg(CMV-cre)1Cgn/J
020811   B6.C-Tg(Pgk1-cre)1Lni/CrsJ
019148   B6.Cg-Acantm1(cre/ERT2)Crm/J
023530   B6.Cg-Avptm1.1(cre)Hze/J
013590   B6.Cg-Braftm1Mmcm Ptentm1Hwu Tg(Tyr-cre/ERT2)13Bos/BosJ
006230   B6.Cg-Cebpatm1Dgt Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
012360   B6.Cg-Erbb4tm1.1(cre/ERT2)Aibs/J
023676   B6.Cg-Hprttm331(Ple275-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023677   B6.Cg-Hprttm332(Ple272-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023678   B6.Cg-Hprttm333(Ple281-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023679   B6.Cg-Hprttm334(Ple279-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023680   B6.Cg-Hprttm335(Ple277-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023681   B6.Cg-Hprttm336(Ple134-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023682   B6.Cg-Hprttm337(Ple285-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023683   B6.Cg-Hprttm338(Ple284-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023684   B6.Cg-Hprttm339(Ple280-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023685   B6.Cg-Hprttm340(Ple252-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023686   B6.Cg-Hprttm341(Ple273-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023687   B6.Cg-Hprttm342(Ple282-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023688   B6.Cg-Hprttm343(Ple270-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023689   B6.Cg-Hprttm344(Ple5-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023690   B6.Cg-Hprttm345(icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023691   B6.Cg-Hprttm346(Ple264-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023692   B6.Cg-Hprttm347(Ple155-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023693   B6.Cg-Hprttm348(Ple265-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023694   B6.Cg-Hprttm349(Ple293-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023695   B6.Cg-Hprttm350(Ple232-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023696   B6.Cg-Hprttm351(Ple198-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
023697   B6.Cg-Hprttm352(Ple291-icre/ERT2)Ems/Mmjax
022861   B6.Cg-Nxph4tm1.1(cre/ERT2)Hze/J
017763   B6.Cg-Pax7tm1(cre/ERT2)Gaka/J
022862   B6.Cg-Penktm1.1(cre/ERT2)Hze/J
012358   B6.Cg-Pvalbtm1.1(cre)Aibs/J
005622   B6.Cg-Shhtm1(EGFP/cre)Cjt/J
022865   B6.Cg-Trib2tm1.1(cre/ERT2)Hze/J
022762   B6.Cg-Zfp335tm1.2Caw Emx1tm1(cre)Krj/J
017346   B6.Cg-Tg(A930038C07Rik-cre)1Aibs/J
006149   B6.Cg-Tg(ACTA1-cre)79Jme/J
003574   B6.Cg-Tg(Alb-cre)21Mgn/J
006881   B6.Cg-Tg(Aqp2-cre)1Dek/J
011104   B6.Cg-Tg(Atoh1-cre)1Bfri/J
004682   B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-cre/Esr1*)5Amc/J
008520   B6.Cg-Tg(CD2-cre)4Kio/J
009350   B6.Cg-Tg(CDX2-cre)101Erf/J
009352   B6.Cg-Tg(CDX2-cre*)189Erf/J
027310   B6.Cg-Tg(Camk2a-cre)2Szi/J
027400   B6.Cg-Tg(Camk2a-cre)3Szi/J
005359   B6.Cg-Tg(Camk2a-cre)T29-1Stl/J
022071   B6.Cg-Tg(Cd4-cre)1Cwi/BfluJ
012237   B6.Cg-Tg(Cdh16-cre)91Igr/J
016241   B6.Cg-Tg(Col1a1-cre/ERT2)1Crm/J
016237   B6.Cg-Tg(Col1a2-cre/ERT)7Cpd/J
006368   B6.Cg-Tg(Cr2-cre)3Cgn/J
008538   B6.Cg-Tg(Cspg4-cre/Esr1*)BAkik/J
006663   B6.Cg-Tg(Eno2-cre)39Jme/J
005069   B6.Cg-Tg(Fabp4-cre)1Rev/J
012712   B6.Cg-Tg(Fev-cre)1Esd/J
012849   B6.Cg-Tg(GFAP-cre/ERT2)505Fmv/J
012886   B6.Cg-Tg(Gfap-cre)73.12Mvs/J
024098   B6.Cg-Tg(Gfap-cre)77.6Mvs/2J
009642   B6.Cg-Tg(Gh1-cre)1Sac/J
024474   B6.Cg-Tg(Il9-cre)#Stck/J
003573   B6.Cg-Tg(Ins2-cre)25Mgn/J
008068   B6.Cg-Tg(Itgax-cre)1-1Reiz/J
008781   B6.Cg-Tg(Kap-cre)29066/2Sig/J
003802   B6.Cg-Tg(Lck-cre)548Jxm/J
006889   B6.Cg-Tg(Lck-cre)I540Jxm/J
009643   B6.Cg-Tg(Lhb-cre)1Sac/J
008330   B6.Cg-Tg(Mc4r-cre)25Rck/J
003556   B6.Cg-Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
007742   B6.Cg-Tg(Myh11-cre,-EGFP)2Mik/J
008205   B6.Cg-Tg(NPHS2-cre)295Lbh/J
003771   B6.Cg-Tg(Nes-cre)1Kln/J
010536   B6.Cg-Tg(Pcp2-cre)3555Jdhu/J
005975   B6.Cg-Tg(Plp1-cre/ERT)3Pop/J
008827   B6.Cg-Tg(Prdm1-cre)1Masu/J
005584   B6.Cg-Tg(Prrx1-cre)1Cjt/J
003967   B6.Cg-Tg(Rbp3-cre)528Jxm/J
021614   B6.Cg-Tg(S100A8-cre,-EGFP)1Ilw/J
008454   B6.Cg-Tg(Sox2-cre)1Amc/J
006361   B6.Cg-Tg(Sp7-tTA,tetO-EGFP/cre)1Amc/J
003966   B6.Cg-Tg(Syn1-cre)671Jxm/J
004128   B6.Cg-Tg(Tek-cre)12Flv/J
008863   B6.Cg-Tg(Tek-cre)1Ywa/J
008601   B6.Cg-Tg(Th-cre)1Tmd/J
012328   B6.Cg-Tg(Tyr-cre/ERT2)13Bos/J
008085   B6.Cg-Tg(UBC-cre/ERT2)1Ejb/J
008610   B6.Cg-Tg(Vav1-cre)A2Kio/J
004586   B6.Cg-Tg(Vil-cre)997Gum/J
021504   B6.Cg-Tg(Vil1-cre)1000Gum/J
008735   B6.Cg-Tg(Wap-cre)11738Mam/JKnwJ
009614   B6.Cg-Tg(Wfs1-cre/ERT2)2Aibs/J
009107   B6.Cg-Tg(Wnt1-cre)11Rth Tg(Wnt1-GAL4)11Rth/J
006234   B6.Cg-Tg(tetO-cre)1Jaw/J
016832   B6.FVB(129)-Tg(Alb1-cre)1Dlr/J
005657   B6.FVB(129)-Tg(Myh6-cre/Esr1*)1Jmk/J
024688   B6.FVB(129S)-Tg(Pax6-GFP/cre)1Rilm/J
006475   B6.FVB(129S4)-Tg(Ckmm-cre)5Khn/J
006451   B6.FVB(129X1)-Tg(Sim1-cre)1Lowl/J
006333   B6.FVB(Cg)-Tg(Neurog3-cre)C1Able/J
014643   B6.FVB-Tg(CMA1-cre)6Thhe/J
006137   B6.FVB-Tg(Cdh5-cre)7Mlia/J
018980   B6.FVB-Tg(Ddx4-cre)1Dcas/KnwJ
003724   B6.FVB-Tg(EIIa-cre)C5379Lmgd/J
011069   B6.FVB-Tg(Gh1-cre)bKnmn/J
011038   B6.FVB-Tg(Myh6-cre)2182Mds/J
014647   B6.FVB-Tg(Pdx1-cre)6Tuv/J
010714   B6.FVB-Tg(Pomc-cre)1Lowl/J
022791   B6.FVB-Tg(Rorc-cre)1Litt/J
017535   B6.FVB-Tg(Slc32a1-cre)2.1Hzo/FrkJ
017490   B6.FVB-Tg(Stra8-icre)1Reb/LguJ
024670   B6.FVB-Tg(Ucp1-cre)1Evdr/J
003394   B6.FVB-Tg(Zp3-cre)3Mrt/J
006660   B6.SJL-Slc6a3tm1.1(cre)Bkmn/J
003552   B6129-Tg(Wap-cre)11738Mam/J
023161   B6129S-Tg(Foxp3-EGFP/cre)1aJbs/J
021961   B6;129-Abcg2tm3.1(cre/ERT2)Bsor/J
010531   B6;129-Bmi1tm1(cre/ERT)Mrc/J
008364   B6;129-Chattm1(cre/ERT)Nat/J
004847   B6;129-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1(cre/ERT)Nat/J
021025   B6;129-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1(rtTA*M2)Jae Col1a1tm1(tetO-cre)Haho/J
010557   B6;129-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm3(rtTA,tetO-cre/ERT)Nat/J
010529   B6;129-Myf5tm1(cre)Mrc/J
010528   B6;129-Myf6tm2(cre)Mrc/J
024475   B6;129-Myod1tm1.1(cre/ERT,TVA)Gcg/J
008363   B6;129-Nefltm1(cre/ERT)Nat/J
017525   B6;129-Ntstm1(cre)Mgmj/J
005549   B6;129-Pax3tm1(cre)Joe/J
012476   B6;129-Pax7tm2.1(cre/ERT2)Fan/J
009600   B6;129-Six2tm3(EGFP/cre/ERT2)Amc/J
008532   B6;129-Thtm1(cre/Esr1)Nat/J
008531   B6;129-Vamp2tm1(cre/ERT)Nat/J
017968   B6;129-Tg(Cdh5-cre)1Spe/J
024860   B6;129-Tg(Drd1-cre)120Mxu/Mmjax
010988   B6;129P-Cyp11a1tm1(GFP/cre)Pzg/J
010985   B6;129P-Klf3tm1(cre/ERT2)Pzg/J
008529   B6;129P-Tg(Neurog1-cre/ERT2)1Good/J
015854   B6;129P2-Foxl2tm1(GFP/cre/ERT2)Pzg/J
012601   B6;129P2-Lyve1tm1.1(EGFP/cre)Cys/J
006668   B6;129P2-Omptm4(cre)Mom/MomJ
008069   B6;129P2-Pvalbtm1(cre)Arbr/J
012373   B6;129S-Hoxb1tm1(cre)Og/J
014541   B6;129S-Nos1tm1.1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
024234   B6;129S-Oxttm1.1(cre)Dolsn/J
023526   B6;129S-Rorbtm1.1(cre)Hze/J
023527   B6;129S-Slc17a7tm1.1(cre)Hze/J
023525   B6;129S-Snap25tm2.1(cre)Hze/J
010987   B6;129S-Sox18tm1(GFP/cre/ERT2)Pzg/J
017593   B6;129S-Sox2tm1(cre/ERT2)Hoch/J
021877   B6;129S-Tac1tm1.1(cre)Hze/J
021878   B6;129S-Tac2tm1.1(cre)Hze/J
017685   B6;129S-Wisp3tm1(cre)Mawa/J
007001   B6;129S-Tg(UBC-cre/ERT2)1Ejb/J
009388   B6;129S1-Osr2tm2(cre)Jian/J
014551   B6;129S4-Dlx1tm1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
012463   B6;129S4-Foxd1tm1(GFP/cre)Amc/J
012464   B6;129S4-Foxd1tm2(GFP/cre/ERT2)Amc/J
011105   B6;129S4-Olig1tm1(cre)Rth/J
009576   B6;129S4-Et(cre/ERT2)278Rdav/J
006410   B6;129S6-Chattm2(cre)Lowl/J
024948   B6;129S6-Gdnftm1(cre/ERT2)Cos/J
012362   B6;129S6-Tg(Camk2a-cre/ERT2)1Aibs/J
017495   B6;129S7-Crim1tm1(GFP/cre/ERT2)Pzg/J
014638   B6;129X1-Cldn6tm1(cre/ERT2)Dam/J
009616   B6;C3-Tg(A930038C07Rik-cre)4Aibs/J
012433   B6;C3-Tg(ACTA1-rtTA,tetO-cre)102Monk/J
008844   B6;C3-Tg(Ctgf-cre)2Aibs/J
008839   B6;C3-Tg(Cyp39a1-cre)1Aibs/J
009117   B6;C3-Tg(Cyp39a1-cre)7Aibs/J
008848   B6;C3-Tg(Mybpc1-cre)2Aibs/J
009111   B6;C3-Tg(Scnn1a-cre)1Aibs/J
009112   B6;C3-Tg(Scnn1a-cre)2Aibs/J
009613   B6;C3-Tg(Scnn1a-cre)3Aibs/J
009103   B6;C3-Tg(Wfs1-cre/ERT2)3Aibs/J
025806   B6;CBA-Tg(Gsx2-cre)1Kess/J
025807   B6;CBA-Tg(Sox10-cre)1Wdr/J
024507   B6;CBA-Tg(Tbx21-cre)1Dlc/J
017494   B6;D-Tg(Tshz3-GFP/cre)43Amc/J
024926   B6;D2-Tg(Fshr-cre)1Ldu/J
003466   B6;D2-Tg(Sycp1-cre)4Min/J
014160   B6;DBA-Tg(S100b-EGFP/cre/ERT2)22Amc/J
014159   B6;DBA-Tg(Tmem100-EGFP/cre/ERT2)30Amc/J
015855   B6;DBA-Tg(Upk3a-GFP/cre/ERT2)26Amc/J
010803   B6;FVB-Tg(Adipoq-cre)1Evdr/J
018422   B6;FVB-Tg(Aicda-cre)1Rcas/J
023748   B6;FVB-Tg(Aldh1l1-cre)JD1884Gsat/J
011087   B6;FVB-Tg(Crh-cre)1Kres/J
008533   B6;FVB-Tg(Cspg4-cre)1Akik/J
003734   B6;FVB-Tg(GZMB-cre)1Jcb/J
015850   B6;SJL-Pde6b+ Tg(Rho-icre)1Ck/Boc
004426   B6;SJL-Tg(Cga-cre)3Sac/J
003554   B6;SJL-Tg(Col2a1-cre)1Bhr/J
017738   B6;SJL-Tg(Foxl1-cre)1Khk/J
005249   B6;SJL-Tg(Krt1-15-cre/PGR)22Cot/J
007252   B6Ei.129S4-Tg(Prm-cre)58Og/EiJ
025524   B6J.B6N(Cg)-Cx3cr1tm1.1(cre)Jung/J
018956   B6N.129P2(B6)-Lyz2tm1(cre)Ifo/J
018958   B6N.129P2-Cd19tm1(cre)Cgn/J
021077   B6N.129S1-Mrgprb4tm3(cre)And/J
018957   B6N.129S6(B6)-Chattm2(cre)Lowl/J
017911   B6N.129S6(Cg)-Esr1tm1.1(cre)And/J
019013   B6N.129S6(Cg)-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm2(EGFP/cre)Alj/J
016225   B6N.129S6(Cg)-Scgb1a1tm1(cre/ERT)Blh/J
018974   B6N.B6-Tg(Nr4a1-EGFP/cre)820Khog/J
019021   B6N.Cg-Ccktm1.1(cre)Zjh/J
019022   B6N.Cg-Gad2tm2(cre)Zjh/J
018973   B6N.Cg-Ssttm2.1(cre)Zjh/J
018961   B6N.Cg-Tg(Alb-cre)21Mgn/J
019102   B6N.Cg-Tg(CAG-cre/Esr1*)5Amc/CjDswJ
018966   B6N.Cg-Tg(Camk2a-cre)T29-1Stl/J
018965   B6N.Cg-Tg(Fabp4-cre)1Rev/J
017310   B6N.Cg-Tg(Hsd17b1-icre/ERT2)3Casa/J
018960   B6N.Cg-Tg(Ins2-cre)25Mgn/J
018967   B6N.Cg-Tg(Itgax-cre)1-1Reiz/J
018964   B6N.Cg-Tg(KRT14-cre)1Amc/J
019103   B6N.Cg-Tg(Nes-cre)1Kln/CjDswJ
014094   B6N.Cg-Tg(Sox2-cre)1Amc/J
018968   B6N.Cg-Tg(Vav1-cre)A2Kio/J
018963   B6N.Cg-Tg(Vil-cre)997Gum/J
018972   B6N.FVB(B6)-Tg(Myh6-cre)2182Mds/J
019099   B6N.FVB-Tg(ACTB-cre)2Mrt/CjDswJ
019509   B6N.FVB-Tg(BGLAP-cre)1Clem/J
023047   B6N.FVB-Tg(Dmp1-cre)1Jqfe/BwdJ
017927   B6N.FVB-Tg(Mpz-cre)26Mes/J
010550   B6N.FVB-Tg(Penk-glc-2-cre/ERT2)2And/J
017743   B6N;129S-Prom1tm1(cre/ERT2)Gilb/J
003465   BALB/c-Tg(CMV-cre)1Cgn/J
012641   BALB/c-Tg(S100a4-cre)1Egn/YunkJ
010612   C.129P2(Cg)-Ighg1tm1(IRES-cre)Cgn/J
017353   C.129S4(B6)-Il13tm1(YFP/cre)Lky/J
017582   C.129S4(B6)-Mcpt8tm1(cre)Lky/J
004126   C.Cg-Cd19tm1(cre)Cgn Ighb/J
005673   C.Cg-Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
006244   C.Cg-Tg(tetO-cre)1Jaw/J
009155   C57BL/6-Cldn6tm1(cre)Dkwu/J
017557   C57BL/6-Tg(BEST1-cre)1Jdun/J
027406   C57BL/6-Tg(CD2-cre)1Lov/J
016097   C57BL/6-Tg(Car1-cre)5Flt/J
011086   C57BL/6-Tg(Cck-cre)CKres/J
008766   C57BL/6-Tg(Cd8a-cre)1Itan/J
026828   C57BL/6-Tg(Cpa3-cre)4Glli/J
006474   C57BL/6-Tg(Grik4-cre)G32-4Stl/J
008314   C57BL/6-Tg(HBB-cre)12Kpe/J
008870   C57BL/6-Tg(Hspa2-cre)1Eddy/J
016261   C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/ERT2)KEisc/J
012906   C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/Esr1*)1Kuan/J
016617   C57BL/6-Tg(Nr4a1-EGFP/cre)820Khog/J
020287   C57BL/6-Tg(Pbsn-cre/Esr1*)14Abch/J
013148   C57BL/6-Tg(Pdgfra-cre)1Clc/J
008535   C57BL/6-Tg(Pf4-cre)Q3Rsko/J
024034   C57BL/6-Tg(Pmch-cre)1Rck/J
016583   C57BL/6-Tg(Slc6a3-icre/ERT2)2Gloss/J
006888   C57BL/6-Tg(Zp3-cre)1Gwh/J
003651   C57BL/6-Tg(Zp3-cre)93Knw/J
021119   C57BL/6J-Tg(Dlx2-cre,-mCherry)4Grsr/GrsrJ
021423   C57BL/6J-Tg(Dlx2-cre,-mCherry)9Grsr/GrsrJ
007567   C57BL/6J-Tg(Itgax-cre,-EGFP)4097Ach/J
018895   C57BL/6J-Tg(Krt6,-cre,-Cerulean)1Grsr/Grsr
018896   C57BL/6J-Tg(Krt6,-cre,-Cerulean)2Grsr/Grsr
018898   C57BL/6J-Tg(Krt6,-cre,-Cerulean)4Grsr/Grsr
018899   C57BL/6J-Tg(Krt6,-cre,-Cerulean)5Grsr/Grsr
021582   C57BL/6J-Tg(Mchr1-cre)1Emf/J
008661   C57BL/6J-Tg(Nkx2-1-cre)2Sand/J
022883   C57BL/6J-Tg(Six6-cre)3Grsr/GrsrJ
022887   C57BL/6J-Tg(Six6-cre)7Grsr/GrsrJ
018754   C57BL/6J-Tg(Tbx22,-cre,-mCherry)1Grsr/GrsrJ
019363   C57BL/6J-Tg(Trp63,-cre,-Cerulean)10Grsr/Grsr
018792   C57BL/6J-Tg(Trp63,-cre,-Cerulean)4Grsr/GrsrJ
003650   C57BL/6J-Tg(Zp3-cre)82Knw/KnwJ
018151   C57BL/6N-Krt17tm1(cre,Cerulean)Murr/GrsrJ
023014   C57BL/6N-Tg(Calcrl,cre)4688Nkza/J
012686   C57BL/6N-Tg(Ppp1r2-cre)4127Nkza/J
016582   C57BL/6N-Tg(Slc32a1-icre/ERT2)3Gloss/J
026861   D2.129P2(B6)-Lyz2tm1(cre)Ifo/SjJ
026858   D2.129S4(B6)-Meox2tm1(cre)Sor/SjJ
026266   D2.B6-Tg(Zp3-cre)93Knw/SjJ
026852   D2.Cg-Tg(Gfap-cre)73.12Mvs/SjJ
024701   D2.Cg-Tg(Plp1-cre/ERT)3Pop/SjJ
026859   D2.Cg-Tg(Sox2-cre)1Amc/SjJ
026857   D2.FVB-Tg(GFAP-cre)25Mes/SjJ
026860   D2.FVB-Tg(Tek-cre)2352Rwng/SjJ
016833   FVB(Cg)-Tg(Alb1-cre)1Dlr/J
012929   FVB(Cg)-Tg(Dhh-cre)1Mejr/J
011034   FVB(Cg)-Tg(Ghrhr-cre)3242Lsk/J
006405   FVB-Tg(Ckmm-cre)5Khn/J
006774   FVB-Tg(Col2a1-cre/ERT)KA3Smac/J
021024   FVB-Tg(Csf1r-icre)1Jwp/J
006954   FVB-Tg(Ddx4-cre)1Dcas/J
004600   FVB-Tg(GFAP-cre)25Mes/J
011037   FVB-Tg(Myh6-cre)2182Mds/J
006364   FVB-Tg(Nr5a1-cre)2Lowl/J
008537   FVB-Tg(Tek-cre)2352Rwng/J
019382   FVB.Cg-Myh9tm1.1Gac Tg(NPHS2-cre)295Lbh/Mmjax
014140   FVB.Cg-Myod1tm2.1(icre)Glh/J
006139   FVB.Cg-Tg(ACTA1-cre)79Jme/J
017595   FVB.Cg-Tg(CAG-cre/Esr1*)5Amc/J
006297   FVB.Cg-Tg(Eno2-cre)39Jme/J
018394   FVB.Cg-Tg(KRT5-cre/ERT2)2Ipc/JeldJ
008244   FVB.Cg-Tg(tetO-cre)1Jaw/J
003376   FVB/N-Tg(ACTB-cre)2Mrt/J
024384   FVB/N-Tg(AMELX-cre)A1Kul/J
003314   FVB/N-Tg(EIIa-cre)C5379Lmgd/J
017928   FVB/N-Tg(Mpz-cre)26Mes/J
025066   FVB/N-Tg(Mylpf-cre)3Kraj/Mmjax
006143   FVB/N-Tg(Thy1-cre)1Vln/J
003377   FVB/N-Tg(Zp3-cre)3Mrt/J
023325   FVB;B6-Tg(Pbsn-cre)20Fwan/J
019096   NOD.129P2(B6)-Lyz2tm1(cre)Ifo/NadlJ
023806   NOD.129P2(Cg)-Cd19tm1(cre)Cgn/J
013233   NOD.B6-Tg(Itgax-cre,-EGFP)4097Ach/J
013234   NOD.Cg-Tg(Cd4-cre)1Cwi/2AchJ
023972   NOD.Cg-Tg(Ins2-cre/ERT)1Dam/SbwJ
023203   NOD.Cg-Tg(Itgax-cre)1-1Reiz/PesaJ
005732   NOD.Cg-Tg(Lck-cre)548Jxm/AchJ
023973   NOD.Cg-Tg(Neurog3-cre)1Dam/SbwJ
013251   NOD.FVB-Tg(EIIa-cre)C5379Lmgd/J
008694   NOD/ShiLt-Tg(Foxp3-EGFP/cre)1cJbs/J
004986   NOD/ShiLt-Tg(Ins2-cre)3Lt/LtJ
003855   NOD/ShiLt-Tg(Ins2-cre)5Lt/LtJ
004987   NOD/ShiLt-Tg(Ins2-cre)6Lt/LtJ
012899   STOCK Agrptm1(cre)Lowl/J
026229   STOCK Akap12tm1Ihg Rb1tm2Brn Tg(Pbsn-cre)4Prb/J
012882   STOCK Ascl1tm1.1(Cre/ERT2)Jejo/J
012706   STOCK Ccktm1.1(cre)Zjh/J
012710   STOCK Ccktm2.1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
010910   STOCK Corttm1(cre)Zjh/J
007916   STOCK En1tm2(cre)Wrst/J
007917   STOCK En1tm7(cre/ESR1)Alj/J
007924   STOCK En2tm4(cre/ERT2)Alj/J
008464   STOCK Foxa2tm2.1(cre/Esr1*)Moon/J
016961   STOCK Foxp3tm9(EGFP/cre/ERT2)Ayr/J
010702   STOCK Gad2tm1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
010802   STOCK Gad2tm2(cre)Zjh/J
022135   STOCK Gbx2tm1.1(cre/ERT2)Jyhl/J
007913   STOCK Gli1tm3(cre/ERT2)Alj/J
018903   STOCK Gt(ROSA)26Sortm2(EGFP/cre)Alj/J
024283   STOCK Hcn4tm2.1(cre/ERT2)Sev/J
023407   STOCK HhatTg(TFAP2A-cre)1Will/J
017606   STOCK Hopxtm2.1(cre/ERT2)Joe/J
008876   STOCK Hprttm11(Ple176-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
016879   STOCK Il17atm1.1(icre)Stck/J
024242   STOCK Isl1tm1(cre)Sev/J
018976   STOCK Kdrtm1(cre)Sato/J
017701   STOCK Kiss1tm1.1(cre/EGFP)Stei/J
018418   STOCK Lrig1tm1.1(cre/ERT2)Rjc/J
007022   STOCK Mnx1tm4(cre)Tmj Tg(SMN2)89Ahmb Smn1tm1Msd Tg(SMN2*delta7)4299Ahmb/J
004192   STOCK Mttptm2Sgy Ldlrtm1Her Apobtm2Sgy Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
023342   STOCK Myf5tm1(cre/Esr1*)Trdo/J
024713   STOCK Myl1tm1(cre)Sjb/J
014180   STOCK Myocdtm1(cre)Jomm/J
014552   STOCK Nkx2-1tm1.1(cre/ERT2)Zjh/J
017536   STOCK Nkx6-2tm1(cre/ERT2)Fsh/J
006953   STOCK Notch1tm3(cre)Rko/J
006677   STOCK Olfr151tm28(cre)Mom/MomJ
011103   STOCK Olig2tm2(TVA,cre)Rth/J
009061   STOCK Osr1tm1(EGFP/cre/ERT2)Amc/J
010530   STOCK Pax7tm1(cre)Mrc/J
017569   STOCK Polr2atm1(cre/ERT2)Bbd E4f1tm1.1Llca/J
017585   STOCK Polr2atm1(cre/ERT2)Bbd/J
022757   STOCK Prg4tm1(GFP/cre/ERT2)Abl/J
019378   STOCK Ptf1atm2(cre/ESR1)Cvw/J
016963   STOCK Slc17a6tm2(cre)Lowl/J
016962   STOCK Slc32a1tm2(cre)Lowl/J
013044   STOCK Ssttm2.1(cre)Zjh/J
012719   STOCK Tgfb3tm1(cre)Vk/J
012620   STOCK Trp53tm1Brd Brca1tm1Aash Tg(LGB-cre)74Acl/J
008813   STOCK Trpa1tm2Kykw Tg(CAG-cre/Esr1*)5Amc/J
010908   STOCK Viptm1(cre)Zjh/J
010911   STOCK Wt1tm1(EGFP/cre)Wtp/J
010912   STOCK Wt1tm2(cre/ERT2)Wtp/J
012691   STOCK Et(icre/ERT2)14374Rdav/J
012692   STOCK Et(icre/ERT2)14602Rdav/J
012693   STOCK Et(icre/ERT2)14624Rdav/J
007684   STOCK Tg(Atoh1-cre/Esr1*)14Fsh/J
008783   STOCK Tg(CAG-cre/Esr1*)5Amc Smn1tm3(SMN2/Smn1)Mrph Tg(SMN2*delta7)4299Ahmb Tg(SMN2)89Ahmb/J
004453   STOCK Tg(CAG-cre/Esr1*)5Amc/J
009615   STOCK Tg(Cartpt-cre)1Aibs/J
017336   STOCK Tg(Cd4-cre)1Cwi/BfluJ
005105   STOCK Tg(Chx10-EGFP/cre,-ALPP)2Clc/J
008861   STOCK Tg(Ela1-Cre/ERT2)1Stof/J
008852   STOCK Tg(En2-cre)22Alj/J
005938   STOCK Tg(Eno2-cre)39Jme/J
022763   STOCK Tg(Eno2-cre/ERT2)1Pohlk/J
011062   STOCK Tg(Gdf9-cre)5092Coo/J
012841   STOCK Tg(Ggt1-cre)M3Egn/J
021207   STOCK Tg(Gnrh1-cre)1Dlc/J
017981   STOCK Tg(Hoxb6-cre)#Mku/J
004692   STOCK Tg(Hoxb7-cre)13Amc/J
014600   STOCK Tg(I12b-cre/ERT2,-ALPP)37Fsh/J
008122   STOCK Tg(Ins2-cre/ERT)1Dam/J
004782   STOCK Tg(KRT14-cre)1Amc/J
005107   STOCK Tg(KRT14-cre/ERT)20Efu/J
008582   STOCK Tg(Kcnc2-Cre)K128Stl/LetJ
023426   STOCK Tg(Kiss1-cre)J2-4Cfe/J
017836   STOCK Tg(LGB-cre)74Acl/J
003551   STOCK Tg(MMTV-cre)1Mam/J
003553   STOCK Tg(MMTV-cre)4Mam/J
002527   STOCK Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
009074   STOCK Tg(Myh6-cre)1Jmk/J
005650   STOCK Tg(Myh6-cre/Esr1*)1Jmk/J
009102   STOCK Tg(Nefh-cre)12Kul/J
002858   STOCK Tg(Nes-cre)1Wme/J
002859   STOCK Tg(Nes-cre)2Wme/J
012859   STOCK Tg(Neurog1-cre)1Jejo/J
005667   STOCK Tg(Neurog3-cre)C1Able/J
008119   STOCK Tg(Neurog3-cre/Esr1*)1Dam/J
012462   STOCK Tg(Nr5a1-cre)7Lowl/J
014158   STOCK Tg(Pax4-cre)1Dam/J
024578   STOCK Tg(Pax6-GFP/cre)1Rilm/J
006207   STOCK Tg(Pcp2-cre)1Amc/J
014099   STOCK Tg(Pmch-cre)1Lowl/J
005965   STOCK Tg(Pomc1-cre)16Lowl/J
012452   STOCK Tg(Rr5-GFP/cre)1Sapc/J
006395   STOCK Tg(Sim1-cre)1Lowl/J
009606   STOCK Tg(Six2-EGFP/cre)1Amc/J
019755   STOCK Tg(Six3-cre)69Frty/GcoJ
018147   STOCK Tg(Slc17a8-icre)1Edw/SealJ
012586   STOCK Tg(Slc1a3-cre/ERT)1Nat/J
004783   STOCK Tg(Sox2-cre)1Amc/J
008208   STOCK Tg(Stra8-icre)1Reb/J
016236   STOCK Tg(TCF/Lef1-cre/ERT2)1Dje/J
012708   STOCK Tg(Thy1-cre/ERT2,-EYFP)HGfng/PyngJ
024240   STOCK Tg(Tnnt2-cre)5Blh/JiaoJ
016584   STOCK Tg(Tph2-icre/ERT2)6Gloss/J
003829   STOCK Tg(Wnt1-cre)11Rth Tg(Wnt1-GAL4)11Rth/J
008851   STOCK Tg(Wnt1-cre/ERT)1Alj/J
018281   STOCK Tg(Wnt7a-EGFP/cre)#Bhr/Mmjax
008199   STOCK Tg(dlx6a-cre)1Mekk/J
002471   STOCK Tg(hCMV-cre)140Sau/J
023724   STOCK Tg(mI56i-cre,EGFP)1Kc/J
006224   STOCK Tg(tetO-cre)1Jaw/J
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Cre-lox System
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      Mutagenesis and Transgenesis
      Mutagenesis and Transgenesis: Cre-lox System

Genes & Alleles

Gene & Allele Information provided by MGI

Allele Symbol Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her
Allele Name transgene insertion 1, Joachim Herz
Allele Type Transgenic (cre- or Flp-expressing)
Common Name(s) SM; SM22-Cre; SM22-Cretg; SM22a-Cre; Sm22alphaCre; Tag1-Cre; Tgln-Cre;
Mutation Made ByDr. Joachim Herz,   Univ of Texas Southwest Med Ctr Dallas
Strain of Origin(C57BL/6 x SJL)F2
Site of Expressionvascular smooth muscle cells
Expressed Gene cre, cre recombinase, bacteriophage P1
Cre recombinase is an enzyme derived from the bacteriophage P1 that specifically recognizes loxP sites. Cre has been shown to effectively mediate the excision of DNA located between loxP sites. After the excision event, the DNA ends recombine leaving a single loxP site in place of the intervening sequence.
Promoter Tagln, transgelin, mouse, laboratory
Driver Note Tagln
General Note Hemizygous transgenic mice are viable, fertile, normal in size, and do not display any gross physical or behavioral abnormalities.
Molecular Note The transgene consists of a Tagln (transgelin) promoter and a cre gene modified to include translational consensus and nuclear localization signals. The Tagln promoter was used to drive transgene expression in smooth muscle cells. Cre recombinase mRNA expression closely patterns endogenous transgelin expression, with the highest levels detected in the aorta, intestine, and uterus. Low levels of Cre recombinase transcript are detected in all other organs. Recombination occurs in vascular smooth muscle cells of hepatic and pulmonary arteries. No recombination has been detected in non-muscle cells. [MGI Ref ID J:76460]


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References provided by MGI

Selected Reference(s)

Boucher P; Gotthardt M; Li WP; Anderson RG; Herz J. 2003. LRP: role in vascular wall integrity and protection from atherosclerosis. Science 300(5617):329-32. [PubMed: 12690199]  [MGI Ref ID J:82871]

Additional References

Holtwick R; Gotthardt M; Skryabin B; Steinmetz M; Potthast R; Zetsche B; Hammer RE; Herz J; Kuhn M. 2002. Smooth muscle-selective deletion of guanylyl cyclase-A prevents the acute but not chronic effects of ANP on blood pressure. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 99(10):7142-7. [PubMed: 11997476]  [MGI Ref ID J:76460]

Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her related

Albinsson S; Suarez Y; Skoura A; Offermanns S; Miano JM; Sessa WC. 2010. MicroRNAs are necessary for vascular smooth muscle growth, differentiation, and function. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 30(6):1118-26. [PubMed: 20378849]  [MGI Ref ID J:176638]

Arboleda-Velasquez JF; Manent J; Lee JH; Tikka S; Ospina C; Vanderburg CR; Frosch MP; Rodriguez-Falcon M; Villen J; Gygi S; Lopera F; Kalimo H; Moskowitz MA; Ayata C; Louvi A; Artavanis-Tsakonas S. 2011. PNAS Plus: Hypomorphic Notch 3 alleles link Notch signaling to ischemic cerebral small-vessel disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108(21):E128-35. [PubMed: 21555590]  [MGI Ref ID J:171887]

Arboleda-Velasquez JF; Zhou Z; Shin HK; Louvi A; Kim HH; Savitz SI; Liao JK; Salomone S; Ayata C; Moskowitz MA; Artavanis-Tsakonas S. 2008. Linking Notch signaling to ischemic stroke. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105(12):4856-61. [PubMed: 18347334]  [MGI Ref ID J:133358]

Basford JE; Moore ZW; Zhou L; Herz J; Hui DY. 2009. Smooth muscle LDL receptor-related protein-1 inactivation reduces vascular reactivity and promotes injury-induced neointima formation. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 29(11):1772-8. [PubMed: 19729608]  [MGI Ref ID J:167799]

Biddinger JE; Fox EA. 2014. Reduced intestinal brain-derived neurotrophic factor increases vagal sensory innervation of the intestine and enhances satiation. J Neurosci 34(31):10379-93. [PubMed: 25080597]  [MGI Ref ID J:215773]

Boucher P; Li WP; Matz RL; Takayama Y; Auwerx J; Anderson RG; Herz J. 2007. LRP1 functions as an atheroprotective integrator of TGFbeta and PDFG signals in the vascular wall: implications for Marfan syndrome. PLoS ONE 2(5):e448. [PubMed: 17505534]  [MGI Ref ID J:129347]

Burstyn-Cohen T; Heeb MJ; Lemke G. 2009. Lack of protein S in mice causes embryonic lethal coagulopathy and vascular dysgenesis. J Clin Invest 119(10):2942-53. [PubMed: 19729839]  [MGI Ref ID J:198769]

Carvalho RL; Itoh F; Goumans MJ; Lebrin F; Kato M; Takahashi S; Ema M; Itoh S; van Rooijen M; Bertolino P; Ten Dijke P; Mummery CL. 2007. Compensatory signalling induced in the yolk sac vasculature by deletion of TGF receptors in mice. J Cell Sci 120(Pt 24):4269-77. [PubMed: 18029401]  [MGI Ref ID J:128498]

Chen L; Yang G; Monslow J; Todd L; Cormode DP; Tang J; Grant GR; DeLong JH; Tang SY; Lawson JA; Pure E; Fitzgerald GA. 2014. Myeloid cell microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 fosters atherogenesis in mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111(18):6828-33. [PubMed: 24753592]  [MGI Ref ID J:211086]

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Health & husbandry

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Room Number           AX11

Colony Maintenance

Breeding & HusbandryThe strain is maintained as a homozygote on a mixed background of 129S5/SvEvBrd, C57BL6 and SJL. Expected coat color is black and agouti.
Mating SystemHomozygote x Homozygote         (Female x Male)   01-MAR-06
Diet Information LabDiet® 5K52/5K67

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Price per mouse (US dollars $)GenderGenotypes Provided
Individual Mouse $246.90Female or MaleHomozygous for Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her  
Price per Pair (US dollars $)Pair Genotype
$493.80Homozygous for Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her x Homozygous for Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her  

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Live Mice

Price per mouse (US dollars $)GenderGenotypes Provided
Individual Mouse $321.00Female or MaleHomozygous for Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her  
Price per Pair (US dollars $)Pair Genotype
$642.00Homozygous for Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her x Homozygous for Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her  

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Standard Supply

This strain is currently on HOLD - Contact Customer Service for more information.

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