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Common Names: MCK-Cre;    
These transgenic mice have the Cre recombinase gene driven by the muscle creatine kinase promoter, andCre activity is observed in skeletal and cardiac muscle. When bred with mice containing a loxP-flanked sequence of interest, Cre-mediated recombination will result in skeletal and cardiac muscle deletion of the flanked genome.


Strain Information

Type Congenic; Transgenic;
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Mating SystemNoncarrier x Hemizygote         (Female x Male)   11-DEC-12
Mating SystemHemizygote x Noncarrier         (Female x Male)   11-DEC-12
Specieslaboratory mouse
GenerationN12+N1F1 (08-MAY-15)
Generation Definitions
Donating Investigator C. Ronald Kahn,   Joslin Diabetes Center

Hemizygous mice are viable, fertile, normal in size, and do not display any gross physical or behavioral abnormalities. These transgenic mice have the Cre recombinase gene driven by the muscle creatine kinase (MCK or Ckm) promoter. Cre activity is observed in skeletal and cardiac muscle. When bred with mice containing a loxP-flanked sequence of interest, Cre-mediated recombination will result in skeletal and cardiac muscle deletion of the flanked genome.

A transgene was designed with a cre recombinase cDNA sequence (with a SV-40 large T antigen nuclear localization signal and poly(A) signal) inserted in place of the translation initiation site of the Ckm gene. This construct was injected into fertilized FVB embryos which were then implanted into CD1 foster mothers. Chimeric mice were bred to FVB inbred animals to establish transgenic offspring (founder line 5). At some point, mice were bred to insulin receptor mutant mice on a mixed B6;129S4 genetic background. The donating investigator reported that double mutants were backcrossed for 10 generations to C57BL/6 mice (see SNP note below) and then selected for the transgene (and against the targeted mutation) prior to arrival at The Jackson Laboratory.

A 32 SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) panel analysis, with 27 markers covering all 19 chromosomes and the X chromosome, as well as 5 markers that distinguish between the C57BL/6J and C57BL/6N substrains, was performed on the rederived living colony at The Jackson Laboratory Repository. While the 27 markers throughout the genome suggested a C57BL/6 genetic background, at least 1 of 5 markers that determine C57BL/6J from C57BL/6N were found to be segregating. These data suggest the mice sent to The Jackson Laboratory Repository were on a mixed C57BL/6J ; C57BL/6N genetic background.

Control Information

   000664 C57BL/6J
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006405   FVB-Tg(Ckmm-cre)5Khn/J
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Strains carrying other alleles of cre
004337   129(Cg)-Foxg1tm1(cre)Skm/J
008569   129-Alpltm1(cre)Nagy/J
005989   129;FVB-Tg(PTH-cre)4167Slib/J
007179   129S.Cg-Tg(UBC-cre/ERT2)1Ejb/J
007915   129S.FVB-Tg(Amh-cre)8815Reb/J
003328   129S/Sv-Tg(Prm-cre)58Og/J
026200   129S1.Cg-Tg(Vsx2-cre)2690Chow/J
004302   129S1/Sv-Hprttm1(cre)Mnn/J
022137   129S4.Cg-Tg(Wnt1-cre)2Sor/J
003960   129S6-Tg(Prnp-GFP/cre)1Blw/J
008523   129S6.Cg-Tg(NPHS2-cre)295Lbh/BroJ
009587   B6(129S4)-Et(icre)1402Rdav/J
009588   B6(129S4)-Et(icre)1470Rdav/J
009589   B6(129S4)-Et(icre)1555Rdav/J
009586   B6(129S4)-Et(icre)754Rdav/J
012687   B6(129S4)-Tg(SYN1-icre/mRFP1)9934Rdav/J
010774   B6(Cg)-Calb2tm1(cre)Zjh/J
017562   B6(Cg)-Cd8atm1.1(cre)Koni/J
012704   B6(Cg)-Crhtm1(cre)Zjh/J
018448   B6(Cg)-Foxn1tm3(cre)Nrm/J
026801   B6(Cg)-Ins1tm1.1(cre)Thor/J
016223   B6(Cg)-Tg(Phox2b-cre)3Jke/J
016959   B6.129(Cg)-Foxp3tm4(YFP/cre)Ayr/J
023055   B6.129(Cg)-Krt12tm3(cre)Wwk/J
008320   B6.129-Leprtm2(cre)Rck/J
017526   B6.129-Nos1tm1(cre)Mgmj/J
005697   B6.129-Otx1tm4(cre)Asim/J
018938   B6.129-Tac2tm1.1(cre)Qima/J
017769   B6.129-Trpv1tm1(cre)Bbm/J
004146   B6.129-Tg(Pcp2-cre)2Mpin/J
008710   B6.129P2(129S4)-Hprttm10(Ple162-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
008877   B6.129P2(129S4)-Hprttm12(Ple177-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
009116   B6.129P2(129S4)-Hprttm16(Ple167-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
008709   B6.129P2(129S4)-Hprttm9(Ple178-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
006785   B6.129P2(C)-Cd19tm1(cre)Cgn/J
006084   B6.129P2(Cg)-Foxg1tm1(cre)Skm/J
010611   B6.129P2(Cg)-Ighg1tm1(IRES-cre)Cgn/J
007770   B6.129P2-Aicdatm1(cre)Mnz/J
004781   B6.129P2-Lyz2tm1(cre)Ifo/J
017320   B6.129P2-Pvalbtm1(cre)Arbr/J
017915   B6.129S(Cg)-Pgrtm1.1(cre)Shah/AndJ
013594   B6.129S-Atoh1tm5.1(Cre/PGR)Hzo/J
021794   B6.129S1(Cg)-Ascl3tm1.1(EGFP/cre)Ovi/J
024637   B6.129S1(SJL)-Nkx2-5tm2(cre)Rph/J
006600   B6.129S1-Mnx1tm4(cre)Tmj/J
005628   B6.129S2-Emx1tm1(cre)Krj/J
022510   B6.129S4-Gpr88tm1.1(cre/GFP)Rpa/J
017578   B6.129S4-Mcpt8tm1(cre)Lky/J
003755   B6.129S4-Meox2tm1(cre)Sor/J
007893   B6.129S4-Myf5tm3(cre)Sor/J
006878   B6.129S6-Taglntm2(cre)Yec/J
012839   B6.129X1(Cg)-Tnfrsf4tm2(cre)Nik/J
008712   B6.129X1-Twist2tm1.1(cre)Dor/J
006054   B6.C-Tg(CMV-cre)1Cgn/J
020811   B6.C-Tg(Pgk1-cre)1Lni/CrsJ
023530   B6.Cg-Avptm1.1(cre)Hze/J
013590   B6.Cg-Braftm1Mmcm Ptentm1Hwu Tg(Tyr-cre/ERT2)13Bos/BosJ
006230   B6.Cg-Cebpatm1Dgt Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
012358   B6.Cg-Pvalbtm1.1(cre)Aibs/J
005622   B6.Cg-Shhtm1(EGFP/cre)Cjt/J
022762   B6.Cg-Zfp335tm1.2Caw Emx1tm1(cre)Krj/J
017346   B6.Cg-Tg(A930038C07Rik-cre)1Aibs/J
006149   B6.Cg-Tg(ACTA1-cre)79Jme/J
003574   B6.Cg-Tg(Alb-cre)21Mgn/J
006881   B6.Cg-Tg(Aqp2-cre)1Dek/J
011104   B6.Cg-Tg(Atoh1-cre)1Bfri/J
008520   B6.Cg-Tg(CD2-cre)4Kio/J
009350   B6.Cg-Tg(CDX2-cre)101Erf/J
009352   B6.Cg-Tg(CDX2-cre*)189Erf/J
027310   B6.Cg-Tg(Camk2a-cre)2Szi/J
027400   B6.Cg-Tg(Camk2a-cre)3Szi/J
005359   B6.Cg-Tg(Camk2a-cre)T29-1Stl/J
022071   B6.Cg-Tg(Cd4-cre)1Cwi/BfluJ
012237   B6.Cg-Tg(Cdh16-cre)91Igr/J
006368   B6.Cg-Tg(Cr2-cre)3Cgn/J
006663   B6.Cg-Tg(Eno2-cre)39Jme/J
005069   B6.Cg-Tg(Fabp4-cre)1Rev/J
012712   B6.Cg-Tg(Fev-cre)1Esd/J
012849   B6.Cg-Tg(GFAP-cre/ERT2)505Fmv/J
012886   B6.Cg-Tg(Gfap-cre)73.12Mvs/J
024098   B6.Cg-Tg(Gfap-cre)77.6Mvs/2J
009642   B6.Cg-Tg(Gh1-cre)1Sac/J
024474   B6.Cg-Tg(Il9-cre)#Stck/J
003573   B6.Cg-Tg(Ins2-cre)25Mgn/J
008068   B6.Cg-Tg(Itgax-cre)1-1Reiz/J
008781   B6.Cg-Tg(Kap-cre)29066/2Sig/J
003802   B6.Cg-Tg(Lck-cre)548Jxm/J
006889   B6.Cg-Tg(Lck-cre)I540Jxm/J
012837   B6.Cg-Tg(Lck-icre)3779Nik/J
009643   B6.Cg-Tg(Lhb-cre)1Sac/J
008330   B6.Cg-Tg(Mc4r-cre)25Rck/J
003556   B6.Cg-Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
007742   B6.Cg-Tg(Myh11-cre,-EGFP)2Mik/J
008205   B6.Cg-Tg(NPHS2-cre)295Lbh/J
003771   B6.Cg-Tg(Nes-cre)1Kln/J
010536   B6.Cg-Tg(Pcp2-cre)3555Jdhu/J
005975   B6.Cg-Tg(Plp1-cre/ERT)3Pop/J
008827   B6.Cg-Tg(Prdm1-cre)1Masu/J
005584   B6.Cg-Tg(Prrx1-cre)1Cjt/J
003967   B6.Cg-Tg(Rbp3-cre)528Jxm/J
021614   B6.Cg-Tg(S100A8-cre,-EGFP)1Ilw/J
008454   B6.Cg-Tg(Sox2-cre)1Amc/J
006361   B6.Cg-Tg(Sp7-tTA,tetO-EGFP/cre)1Amc/J
003966   B6.Cg-Tg(Syn1-cre)671Jxm/J
017491   B6.Cg-Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her/J
004128   B6.Cg-Tg(Tek-cre)12Flv/J
008863   B6.Cg-Tg(Tek-cre)1Ywa/J
008601   B6.Cg-Tg(Th-cre)1Tmd/J
012328   B6.Cg-Tg(Tyr-cre/ERT2)13Bos/J
008085   B6.Cg-Tg(UBC-cre/ERT2)1Ejb/J
008610   B6.Cg-Tg(Vav1-cre)A2Kio/J
004586   B6.Cg-Tg(Vil-cre)997Gum/J
021504   B6.Cg-Tg(Vil1-cre)1000Gum/J
008735   B6.Cg-Tg(Wap-cre)11738Mam/JKnwJ
009614   B6.Cg-Tg(Wfs1-cre/ERT2)2Aibs/J
009107   B6.Cg-Tg(Wnt1-cre)11Rth Tg(Wnt1-GAL4)11Rth/J
022501   B6.Cg-Tg(Wnt1-cre)2Sor/J
006234   B6.Cg-Tg(tetO-cre)1Jaw/J
016832   B6.FVB(129)-Tg(Alb1-cre)1Dlr/J
005657   B6.FVB(129)-Tg(Myh6-cre/Esr1*)1Jmk/J
024688   B6.FVB(129S)-Tg(Pax6-GFP/cre)1Rilm/J
006451   B6.FVB(129X1)-Tg(Sim1-cre)1Lowl/J
006333   B6.FVB(Cg)-Tg(Neurog3-cre)C1Able/J
014643   B6.FVB-Tg(CMA1-cre)6Thhe/J
006137   B6.FVB-Tg(Cdh5-cre)7Mlia/J
018980   B6.FVB-Tg(Ddx4-cre)1Dcas/KnwJ
003724   B6.FVB-Tg(EIIa-cre)C5379Lmgd/J
011069   B6.FVB-Tg(Gh1-cre)bKnmn/J
011038   B6.FVB-Tg(Myh6-cre)2182Mds/J
014647   B6.FVB-Tg(Pdx1-cre)6Tuv/J
010714   B6.FVB-Tg(Pomc-cre)1Lowl/J
022791   B6.FVB-Tg(Rorc-cre)1Litt/J
017535   B6.FVB-Tg(Slc32a1-cre)2.1Hzo/FrkJ
017490   B6.FVB-Tg(Stra8-icre)1Reb/LguJ
024670   B6.FVB-Tg(Ucp1-cre)1Evdr/J
003394   B6.FVB-Tg(Zp3-cre)3Mrt/J
006660   B6.SJL-Slc6a3tm1.1(cre)Bkmn/J
003552   B6129-Tg(Wap-cre)11738Mam/J
023161   B6129S-Tg(Foxp3-EGFP/cre)1aJbs/J
021025   B6;129-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1(rtTA*M2)Jae Col1a1tm1(tetO-cre)Haho/J
010529   B6;129-Myf5tm1(cre)Mrc/J
010528   B6;129-Myf6tm2(cre)Mrc/J
017525   B6;129-Ntstm1(cre)Mgmj/J
005549   B6;129-Pax3tm1(cre)Joe/J
017968   B6;129-Tg(Cdh5-cre)1Spe/J
024860   B6;129-Tg(Drd1-cre)120Mxu/Mmjax
010988   B6;129P-Cyp11a1tm1(GFP/cre)Pzg/J
008529   B6;129P-Tg(Neurog1-cre/ERT2)1Good/J
012601   B6;129P2-Lyve1tm1.1(EGFP/cre)Cys/J
006668   B6;129P2-Omptm4(cre)Mom/MomJ
008069   B6;129P2-Pvalbtm1(cre)Arbr/J
012373   B6;129S-Hoxb1tm1(cre)Og/J
024234   B6;129S-Oxttm1.1(cre)Dolsn/J
023526   B6;129S-Rorbtm1.1(cre)Hze/J
023527   B6;129S-Slc17a7tm1.1(cre)Hze/J
023525   B6;129S-Snap25tm2.1(cre)Hze/J
021877   B6;129S-Tac1tm1.1(cre)Hze/J
021878   B6;129S-Tac2tm1.1(cre)Hze/J
017685   B6;129S-Wisp3tm1(cre)Mawa/J
007001   B6;129S-Tg(UBC-cre/ERT2)1Ejb/J
009388   B6;129S1-Osr2tm2(cre)Jian/J
012463   B6;129S4-Foxd1tm1(GFP/cre)Amc/J
011105   B6;129S4-Olig1tm1(cre)Rth/J
006410   B6;129S6-Chattm2(cre)Lowl/J
009616   B6;C3-Tg(A930038C07Rik-cre)4Aibs/J
012433   B6;C3-Tg(ACTA1-rtTA,tetO-cre)102Monk/J
008844   B6;C3-Tg(Ctgf-cre)2Aibs/J
008839   B6;C3-Tg(Cyp39a1-cre)1Aibs/J
009117   B6;C3-Tg(Cyp39a1-cre)7Aibs/J
008848   B6;C3-Tg(Mybpc1-cre)2Aibs/J
009111   B6;C3-Tg(Scnn1a-cre)1Aibs/J
009112   B6;C3-Tg(Scnn1a-cre)2Aibs/J
009613   B6;C3-Tg(Scnn1a-cre)3Aibs/J
009103   B6;C3-Tg(Wfs1-cre/ERT2)3Aibs/J
025806   B6;CBA-Tg(Gsx2-cre)1Kess/J
026555   B6;CBA-Tg(Lhx6-cre)1Kess/J
025807   B6;CBA-Tg(Sox10-cre)1Wdr/J
024507   B6;CBA-Tg(Tbx21-cre)1Dlc/J
017494   B6;D-Tg(Tshz3-GFP/cre)43Amc/J
024926   B6;D2-Tg(Fshr-cre)1Ldu/J
003466   B6;D2-Tg(Sycp1-cre)4Min/J
014160   B6;DBA-Tg(S100b-EGFP/cre/ERT2)22Amc/J
014159   B6;DBA-Tg(Tmem100-EGFP/cre/ERT2)30Amc/J
015855   B6;DBA-Tg(Upk3a-GFP/cre/ERT2)26Amc/J
010803   B6;FVB-Tg(Adipoq-cre)1Evdr/J
018422   B6;FVB-Tg(Aicda-cre)1Rcas/J
023748   B6;FVB-Tg(Aldh1l1-cre)JD1884Gsat/J
011087   B6;FVB-Tg(Crh-cre)1Kres/J
008533   B6;FVB-Tg(Cspg4-cre)1Akik/J
003734   B6;FVB-Tg(GZMB-cre)1Jcb/J
015850   B6;SJL-Pde6b+ Tg(Rho-icre)1Ck/Boc
004426   B6;SJL-Tg(Cga-cre)3Sac/J
003554   B6;SJL-Tg(Col2a1-cre)1Bhr/J
017738   B6;SJL-Tg(Foxl1-cre)1Khk/J
005249   B6;SJL-Tg(Krt1-15-cre/PGR)22Cot/J
019893   B6;SJL-Tg(Tex101-icre)2Lzj/J
007252   B6Ei.129S4-Tg(Prm-cre)58Og/EiJ
025524   B6J.B6N(Cg)-Cx3cr1tm1.1(cre)Jung/J
018956   B6N.129P2(B6)-Lyz2tm1(cre)Ifo/J
018958   B6N.129P2-Cd19tm1(cre)Cgn/J
021077   B6N.129S1-Mrgprb4tm3(cre)And/J
018957   B6N.129S6(B6)-Chattm2(cre)Lowl/J
017911   B6N.129S6(Cg)-Esr1tm1.1(cre)And/J
019013   B6N.129S6(Cg)-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm2(EGFP/cre)Alj/J
018974   B6N.B6-Tg(Nr4a1-EGFP/cre)820Khog/J
019021   B6N.Cg-Ccktm1.1(cre)Zjh/J
019022   B6N.Cg-Gad2tm2(cre)Zjh/J
018973   B6N.Cg-Ssttm2.1(cre)Zjh/J
018961   B6N.Cg-Tg(Alb-cre)21Mgn/J
018966   B6N.Cg-Tg(Camk2a-cre)T29-1Stl/J
018965   B6N.Cg-Tg(Fabp4-cre)1Rev/J
017310   B6N.Cg-Tg(Hsd17b1-icre/ERT2)3Casa/J
018960   B6N.Cg-Tg(Ins2-cre)25Mgn/J
018967   B6N.Cg-Tg(Itgax-cre)1-1Reiz/J
018964   B6N.Cg-Tg(KRT14-cre)1Amc/J
019103   B6N.Cg-Tg(Nes-cre)1Kln/CjDswJ
014094   B6N.Cg-Tg(Sox2-cre)1Amc/J
018968   B6N.Cg-Tg(Vav1-cre)A2Kio/J
018963   B6N.Cg-Tg(Vil-cre)997Gum/J
018972   B6N.FVB(B6)-Tg(Myh6-cre)2182Mds/J
019099   B6N.FVB-Tg(ACTB-cre)2Mrt/CjDswJ
019509   B6N.FVB-Tg(BGLAP-cre)1Clem/J
023047   B6N.FVB-Tg(Dmp1-cre)1Jqfe/BwdJ
017927   B6N.FVB-Tg(Mpz-cre)26Mes/J
003465   BALB/c-Tg(CMV-cre)1Cgn/J
012641   BALB/c-Tg(S100a4-cre)1Egn/YunkJ
010612   C.129P2(Cg)-Ighg1tm1(IRES-cre)Cgn/J
017353   C.129S4(B6)-Il13tm1(YFP/cre)Lky/J
017582   C.129S4(B6)-Mcpt8tm1(cre)Lky/J
004126   C.Cg-Cd19tm1(cre)Cgn Ighb/J
005673   C.Cg-Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
006244   C.Cg-Tg(tetO-cre)1Jaw/J
009155   C57BL/6-Cldn6tm1(cre)Dkwu/J
017557   C57BL/6-Tg(BEST1-cre)1Jdun/J
027406   C57BL/6-Tg(CD2-cre)1Lov/J
016097   C57BL/6-Tg(Car1-cre)5Flt/J
011086   C57BL/6-Tg(Cck-cre)CKres/J
008766   C57BL/6-Tg(Cd8a-cre)1Itan/J
026828   C57BL/6-Tg(Cpa3-cre)4Glli/J
006474   C57BL/6-Tg(Grik4-cre)G32-4Stl/J
008314   C57BL/6-Tg(HBB-cre)12Kpe/J
008870   C57BL/6-Tg(Hspa2-cre)1Eddy/J
016261   C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/ERT2)KEisc/J
012906   C57BL/6-Tg(Nes-cre/Esr1*)1Kuan/J
027205   C57BL/6-Tg(Nms-icre)20Ywa/J
016617   C57BL/6-Tg(Nr4a1-EGFP/cre)820Khog/J
020287   C57BL/6-Tg(Pbsn-cre/Esr1*)14Abch/J
013148   C57BL/6-Tg(Pdgfra-cre)1Clc/J
008535   C57BL/6-Tg(Pf4-cre)Q3Rsko/J
024034   C57BL/6-Tg(Pmch-cre)1Rck/J
016583   C57BL/6-Tg(Slc6a3-icre/ERT2)2Gloss/J
006888   C57BL/6-Tg(Zp3-cre)1Gwh/J
003651   C57BL/6-Tg(Zp3-cre)93Knw/J
021119   C57BL/6J-Tg(Dlx2-cre,-mCherry)4Grsr/GrsrJ
021423   C57BL/6J-Tg(Dlx2-cre,-mCherry)9Grsr/GrsrJ
007567   C57BL/6J-Tg(Itgax-cre,-EGFP)4097Ach/J
018895   C57BL/6J-Tg(Krt6,-cre,-Cerulean)1Grsr/Grsr
018896   C57BL/6J-Tg(Krt6,-cre,-Cerulean)2Grsr/Grsr
018898   C57BL/6J-Tg(Krt6,-cre,-Cerulean)4Grsr/Grsr
018899   C57BL/6J-Tg(Krt6,-cre,-Cerulean)5Grsr/Grsr
021582   C57BL/6J-Tg(Mchr1-cre)1Emf/J
008661   C57BL/6J-Tg(Nkx2-1-cre)2Sand/J
022883   C57BL/6J-Tg(Six6-cre)3Grsr/GrsrJ
022887   C57BL/6J-Tg(Six6-cre)7Grsr/GrsrJ
018754   C57BL/6J-Tg(Tbx22,-cre,-mCherry)1Grsr/GrsrJ
019363   C57BL/6J-Tg(Trp63,-cre,-Cerulean)10Grsr/Grsr
018792   C57BL/6J-Tg(Trp63,-cre,-Cerulean)4Grsr/GrsrJ
003650   C57BL/6J-Tg(Zp3-cre)82Knw/KnwJ
018151   C57BL/6N-Krt17tm1(cre,Cerulean)Murr/GrsrJ
023014   C57BL/6N-Tg(Calcrl,cre)4688Nkza/J
012686   C57BL/6N-Tg(Ppp1r2-cre)4127Nkza/J
016582   C57BL/6N-Tg(Slc32a1-icre/ERT2)3Gloss/J
026861   D2.129P2(B6)-Lyz2tm1(cre)Ifo/SjJ
026858   D2.129S4(B6)-Meox2tm1(cre)Sor/SjJ
026266   D2.B6-Tg(Zp3-cre)93Knw/SjJ
026852   D2.Cg-Tg(Gfap-cre)73.12Mvs/SjJ
024701   D2.Cg-Tg(Plp1-cre/ERT)3Pop/SjJ
026859   D2.Cg-Tg(Sox2-cre)1Amc/SjJ
026857   D2.FVB-Tg(GFAP-cre)25Mes/SjJ
026860   D2.FVB-Tg(Tek-cre)2352Rwng/SjJ
016833   FVB(Cg)-Tg(Alb1-cre)1Dlr/J
012929   FVB(Cg)-Tg(Dhh-cre)1Mejr/J
011034   FVB(Cg)-Tg(Ghrhr-cre)3242Lsk/J
021024   FVB-Tg(Csf1r-icre)1Jwp/J
006954   FVB-Tg(Ddx4-cre)1Dcas/J
004600   FVB-Tg(GFAP-cre)25Mes/J
011037   FVB-Tg(Myh6-cre)2182Mds/J
006364   FVB-Tg(Nr5a1-cre)2Lowl/J
008537   FVB-Tg(Tek-cre)2352Rwng/J
019382   FVB.Cg-Myh9tm1.1Gac Tg(NPHS2-cre)295Lbh/Mmjax
014140   FVB.Cg-Myod1tm2.1(icre)Glh/J
006139   FVB.Cg-Tg(ACTA1-cre)79Jme/J
006297   FVB.Cg-Tg(Eno2-cre)39Jme/J
018394   FVB.Cg-Tg(KRT5-cre/ERT2)2Ipc/JeldJ
008244   FVB.Cg-Tg(tetO-cre)1Jaw/J
003376   FVB/N-Tg(ACTB-cre)2Mrt/J
024384   FVB/N-Tg(AMELX-cre)A1Kul/J
003314   FVB/N-Tg(EIIa-cre)C5379Lmgd/J
025062   FVB/N-Tg(Figla-EGFP,-icre)ZP3Dean/Mmjax
017928   FVB/N-Tg(Mpz-cre)26Mes/J
025066   FVB/N-Tg(Mylpf-cre)3Kraj/Mmjax
006143   FVB/N-Tg(Thy1-cre)1Vln/J
003377   FVB/N-Tg(Zp3-cre)3Mrt/J
023325   FVB;B6-Tg(Pbsn-cre)20Fwan/J
019096   NOD.129P2(B6)-Lyz2tm1(cre)Ifo/NadlJ
023806   NOD.129P2(Cg)-Cd19tm1(cre)Cgn/J
013233   NOD.B6-Tg(Itgax-cre,-EGFP)4097Ach/J
013234   NOD.Cg-Tg(Cd4-cre)1Cwi/2AchJ
023972   NOD.Cg-Tg(Ins2-cre/ERT)1Dam/SbwJ
023203   NOD.Cg-Tg(Itgax-cre)1-1Reiz/PesaJ
005732   NOD.Cg-Tg(Lck-cre)548Jxm/AchJ
023973   NOD.Cg-Tg(Neurog3-cre)1Dam/SbwJ
013251   NOD.FVB-Tg(EIIa-cre)C5379Lmgd/J
008694   NOD/ShiLt-Tg(Foxp3-EGFP/cre)1cJbs/J
004986   NOD/ShiLt-Tg(Ins2-cre)3Lt/LtJ
003855   NOD/ShiLt-Tg(Ins2-cre)5Lt/LtJ
004987   NOD/ShiLt-Tg(Ins2-cre)6Lt/LtJ
012899   STOCK Agrptm1(cre)Lowl/J
026229   STOCK Akap12tm1Ihg Rb1tm2Brn Tg(Pbsn-cre)4Prb/J
012706   STOCK Ccktm1.1(cre)Zjh/J
010910   STOCK Corttm1(cre)Zjh/J
007916   STOCK En1tm2(cre)Wrst/J
008464   STOCK Foxa2tm2.1(cre/Esr1*)Moon/J
010802   STOCK Gad2tm2(cre)Zjh/J
018903   STOCK Gt(ROSA)26Sortm2(EGFP/cre)Alj/J
023407   STOCK HhatTg(TFAP2A-cre)1Will/J
008876   STOCK Hprttm11(Ple176-EGFP/cre)Ems/Mmjax
016879   STOCK Il17atm1.1(icre)Stck/J
024242   STOCK Isl1tm1(cre)Sev/J
018976   STOCK Kdrtm1(cre)Sato/J
017701   STOCK Kiss1tm1.1(cre/EGFP)Stei/J
007022   STOCK Mnx1tm4(cre)Tmj Tg(SMN2)89Ahmb Smn1tm1Msd Tg(SMN2*delta7)4299Ahmb/J
004192   STOCK Mttptm2Sgy Ldlrtm1Her Apobtm2Sgy Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
023342   STOCK Myf5tm1(cre/Esr1*)Trdo/J
024713   STOCK Myl1tm1(cre)Sjb/J
014180   STOCK Myocdtm1(cre)Jomm/J
006953   STOCK Notch1tm3(cre)Rko/J
006677   STOCK Olfr151tm28(cre)Mom/MomJ
011103   STOCK Olig2tm2(TVA,cre)Rth/J
010530   STOCK Pax7tm1(cre)Mrc/J
016963   STOCK Slc17a6tm2(cre)Lowl/J
016962   STOCK Slc32a1tm2(cre)Lowl/J
013044   STOCK Ssttm2.1(cre)Zjh/J
012719   STOCK Tgfb3tm1(cre)Vk/J
012620   STOCK Trp53tm1Brd Brca1tm1Aash Tg(LGB-cre)74Acl/J
010908   STOCK Viptm1(cre)Zjh/J
010911   STOCK Wt1tm1(EGFP/cre)Wtp/J
009615   STOCK Tg(Cartpt-cre)1Aibs/J
017336   STOCK Tg(Cd4-cre)1Cwi/BfluJ
005105   STOCK Tg(Chx10-EGFP/cre,-ALPP)2Clc/J
008852   STOCK Tg(En2-cre)22Alj/J
005938   STOCK Tg(Eno2-cre)39Jme/J
011062   STOCK Tg(Gdf9-cre)5092Coo/J
012841   STOCK Tg(Ggt1-cre)M3Egn/J
021207   STOCK Tg(Gnrh1-cre)1Dlc/J
017981   STOCK Tg(Hoxb6-cre)#Mku/J
004692   STOCK Tg(Hoxb7-cre)13Amc/J
014600   STOCK Tg(I12b-cre/ERT2,-ALPP)37Fsh/J
008122   STOCK Tg(Ins2-cre/ERT)1Dam/J
004782   STOCK Tg(KRT14-cre)1Amc/J
005107   STOCK Tg(KRT14-cre/ERT)20Efu/J
008582   STOCK Tg(Kcnc2-Cre)K128Stl/LetJ
023426   STOCK Tg(Kiss1-cre)J2-4Cfe/J
017836   STOCK Tg(LGB-cre)74Acl/J
003551   STOCK Tg(MMTV-cre)1Mam/J
003553   STOCK Tg(MMTV-cre)4Mam/J
002527   STOCK Tg(Mx1-cre)1Cgn/J
009074   STOCK Tg(Myh6-cre)1Jmk/J
005650   STOCK Tg(Myh6-cre/Esr1*)1Jmk/J
009102   STOCK Tg(Nefh-cre)12Kul/J
002858   STOCK Tg(Nes-cre)1Wme/J
002859   STOCK Tg(Nes-cre)2Wme/J
012859   STOCK Tg(Neurog1-cre)1Jejo/J
005667   STOCK Tg(Neurog3-cre)C1Able/J
008119   STOCK Tg(Neurog3-cre/Esr1*)1Dam/J
012462   STOCK Tg(Nr5a1-cre)7Lowl/J
014158   STOCK Tg(Pax4-cre)1Dam/J
024578   STOCK Tg(Pax6-GFP/cre)1Rilm/J
006207   STOCK Tg(Pcp2-cre)1Amc/J
014099   STOCK Tg(Pmch-cre)1Lowl/J
005965   STOCK Tg(Pomc1-cre)16Lowl/J
012452   STOCK Tg(Rr5-GFP/cre)1Sapc/J
006395   STOCK Tg(Sim1-cre)1Lowl/J
009606   STOCK Tg(Six2-EGFP/cre)1Amc/J
019755   STOCK Tg(Six3-cre)69Frty/GcoJ
018147   STOCK Tg(Slc17a8-icre)1Edw/SealJ
012586   STOCK Tg(Slc1a3-cre/ERT)1Nat/J
004783   STOCK Tg(Sox2-cre)1Amc/J
008208   STOCK Tg(Stra8-icre)1Reb/J
016236   STOCK Tg(TCF/Lef1-cre/ERT2)1Dje/J
004746   STOCK Tg(Tagln-cre)1Her/J
012708   STOCK Tg(Thy1-cre/ERT2,-EYFP)HGfng/PyngJ
024240   STOCK Tg(Tnnt2-cre)5Blh/JiaoJ
016584   STOCK Tg(Tph2-icre/ERT2)6Gloss/J
003829   STOCK Tg(Wnt1-cre)11Rth Tg(Wnt1-GAL4)11Rth/J
008851   STOCK Tg(Wnt1-cre/ERT)1Alj/J
018281   STOCK Tg(Wnt7a-EGFP/cre)#Bhr/Mmjax
008199   STOCK Tg(dlx6a-cre)1Mekk/J
002471   STOCK Tg(hCMV-cre)140Sau/J
023724   STOCK Tg(mI56i-cre,EGFP)1Kc/J
006224   STOCK Tg(tetO-cre)1Jaw/J
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Cre-lox System
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Cre-lox System
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      Mutagenesis and Transgenesis: Cre-lox System

Genes & Alleles

Gene & Allele Information provided by MGI

Allele Symbol Tg(Ckmm-cre)5Khn
Allele Name transgene insertion 5, C Ronald Kahn
Allele Type Transgenic (cre- or Flp-expressing)
Common Name(s) Ckm-cre; Ckmm-NLS-cre; Ckmm-cre; CreMck; MCK-cre; MCK-cre5; MCKCre+; Tg(Ckm-cre)5Khn; Tg(Ckmm-cre)1Khn; mckCRE;
Mutation Made By C. Ronald Kahn,   Joslin Diabetes Center
Strain of OriginFVB
Site of Expressionskeletal and cardiac muscle
Expressed Gene cre, cre recombinase, bacteriophage P1
Cre recombinase is an enzyme derived from the bacteriophage P1 that specifically recognizes loxP sites. Cre has been shown to effectively mediate the excision of DNA located between loxP sites. After the excision event, the DNA ends recombine leaving a single loxP site in place of the intervening sequence.
Promoter Ckm, creatine kinase, muscle, mouse, laboratory
Driver Note Ckm
Molecular Note A 6.5 kb genomic DNA fragment of the Ckmm gene containing the promoter and enhancer 1, untranslated exon 1, 3kb of intron 1 including the enhancer 2 region, and the first 16 bp of exon 2 drives expression of a modified cre with an SV40 large T antigen nuclear localization signal. Expression is directed to the heart and skeletal muscle. [MGI Ref ID J:51266]


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Tg(Ckmm-cre)5Khn, MELT
Tg(Ckmm-cre)5Khn, Standard PCR

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References provided by MGI

Selected Reference(s)

Bruning JC; Michael MD; Winnay JN; Hayashi T; Horsch D; Accili D; Goodyear LJ; Kahn CR. 1998. A muscle-specific insulin receptor knockout exhibits features of the metabolic syndrome of NIDDM without altering glucose tolerance. Mol Cell 2(5):559-69. [PubMed: 9844629]  [MGI Ref ID J:51266]

Additional References

Tg(Ckmm-cre)5Khn related

Agrawal PB; Joshi M; Savic T; Chen Z; Beggs AH. 2012. Normal myofibrillar development followed by progressive sarcomeric disruption with actin accumulations in a mouse Cfl2 knockout demonstrates requirement of cofilin-2 for muscle maintenance. Hum Mol Genet :. [PubMed: 22343409]  [MGI Ref ID J:182571]

Akimoto T; Okuhira K; Aizawa K; Wada S; Honda H; Fukubayashi T; Ushida T. 2013. Skeletal muscle adaptation in response to mechanical stress in p130cas-/- mice. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 304(6):C541-7. [PubMed: 23325412]  [MGI Ref ID J:195063]

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Andrechek ER; Hardy WR; Girgis-Gabardo AA; Perry RL; Butler R; Graham FL; Kahn RC; Rudnicki MA; Muller WJ. 2002. ErbB2 is required for muscle spindle and myoblast cell survival. Mol Cell Biol 22(13):4714-22. [PubMed: 12052879]  [MGI Ref ID J:81565]

Barton ER; Park S; James JK; Makarewich CA; Philippou A; Eletto D; Lei H; Brisson B; Ostrovsky O; Li Z; Argon Y. 2012. Deletion of muscle GRP94 impairs both muscle and body growth by inhibiting local IGF production. FASEB J 26(9):3691-702. [PubMed: 22649033]  [MGI Ref ID J:187446]

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Beedle AM; Nienaber PM; Campbell KP. 2007. Fukutin-related protein associates with the sarcolemmal dystrophin-glycoprotein complex. J Biol Chem 282(23):16713-7. [PubMed: 17452335]  [MGI Ref ID J:122734]

Beedle AM; Turner AJ; Saito Y; Lueck JD; Foltz SJ; Fortunato MJ; Nienaber PM; Campbell KP. 2012. Mouse fukutin deletion impairs dystroglycan processing and recapitulates muscular dystrophy. J Clin Invest 122(9):3330-42. [PubMed: 22922256]  [MGI Ref ID J:187144]

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Bongers KS; Fox DK; Ebert SM; Kunkel SD; Dyle MC; Bullard SA; Dierdorff JM; Adams CM. 2013. Skeletal muscle denervation causes skeletal muscle atrophy through a pathway that involves both Gadd45a and HDAC4. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 305(7):E907-15. [PubMed: 23941879]  [MGI Ref ID J:203853]

Bonner JS; Lantier L; Hasenour CM; James FD; Bracy DP; Wasserman DH. 2013. Muscle-specific vascular endothelial growth factor deletion induces muscle capillary rarefaction creating muscle insulin resistance. Diabetes 62(2):572-80. [PubMed: 23002035]  [MGI Ref ID J:208473]

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Camara Y; Asin-Cayuela J; Park CB; Metodiev MD; Shi Y; Ruzzenente B; Kukat C; Habermann B; Wibom R; Hultenby K; Franz T; Erdjument-Bromage H; Tempst P; Hallberg BM; Gustafsson CM; Larsson NG. 2011. MTERF4 regulates translation by targeting the methyltransferase NSUN4 to the mammalian mitochondrial ribosome. Cell Metab 13(5):527-39. [PubMed: 21531335]  [MGI Ref ID J:175816]

Cariou B; Postic C; Boudou P; Burcelin R; Kahn CR; Girard J; Burnol AF; Mauvais-Jarvis F. 2004. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of adipose tissue plasticity in muscle insulin receptor knockout mice. Endocrinology 145(4):1926-32. [PubMed: 14684612]  [MGI Ref ID J:88697]

Carvalho E; Kotani K; Peroni OD; Kahn BB. 2005. Adipose-specific overexpression of GLUT4 reverses insulin resistance and diabetes in mice lacking GLUT4 selectively in muscle. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 289(4):E551-61. [PubMed: 15928024]  [MGI Ref ID J:101261]

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Pospisilik JA; Knauf C; Joza N; Benit P; Orthofer M; Cani PD; Ebersberger I; Nakashima T; Sarao R; Neely G; Esterbauer H; Kozlov A; Kahn CR; Kroemer G; Rustin P; Burcelin R; Penninger JM. 2007. Targeted deletion of AIF decreases mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and protects from obesity and diabetes. Cell 131(3):476-91. [PubMed: 17981116]  [MGI Ref ID J:141454]

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Sakamoto K; McCarthy A; Smith D; Green KA; Grahame Hardie D; Ashworth A; Alessi DR. 2005. Deficiency of LKB1 in skeletal muscle prevents AMPK activation and glucose uptake during contraction. EMBO J 24(10):1810-20. [PubMed: 15889149]  [MGI Ref ID J:98513]

Sakamoto K; Zarrinpashneh E; Budas GR; Pouleur AC; Dutta A; Prescott AR; Vanoverschelde JL; Ashworth A; Jovanovic A; Alessi DR; Bertrand L. 2006. Deficiency of LKB1 in heart prevents ischemia-mediated activation of AMPKalpha2 but not AMPKalpha1. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 290(5):E780-8. [PubMed: 16332922]  [MGI Ref ID J:115768]

Scheerer N; Dehne N; Stockmann C; Swoboda S; Baba HA; Neugebauer A; Johnson RS; Fandrey J. 2013. Myeloid hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha is essential for skeletal muscle regeneration in mice. J Immunol 191(1):407-14. [PubMed: 23729446]  [MGI Ref ID J:205360]

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Breeding & HusbandryWhen maintaining a live colony, these mice are bred as hemizygotes. While the donating investigator has not attempted to make this strain homozygous, viability of homozygous mice is expected.
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Repository-Live represents an exclusive set of over 1800 unique mouse models across a vast array of research areas. Breeding colonies provide mice for large and small orders and fluctuate in size depending on current research demand. If a strain is not immediately available, you will receive an estimated availability timeframe for your inquiry or order in 2-3 business days. Repository strains typically are delivered at 4 to 8 weeks of age. Requests for specific ages will be noted but not guaranteed and we do not accept age requests for breeder pairs. However, if cohorts of mice (5 or more of one gender) are needed at a specific age range for experiments, we will do our best to accommodate your age request.

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$406.90Hemizygous for Tg(Ckmm-cre)5Khn x Noncarrier  
$406.90Noncarrier x Hemizygous for Tg(Ckmm-cre)5Khn  

Standard Supply

Repository-Live represents an exclusive set of over 1800 unique mouse models across a vast array of research areas. Breeding colonies provide mice for large and small orders and fluctuate in size depending on current research demand. If a strain is not immediately available, you will receive an estimated availability timeframe for your inquiry or order in 2-3 business days. Repository strains typically are delivered at 4 to 8 weeks of age. Requests for specific ages will be noted but not guaranteed and we do not accept age requests for breeder pairs. However, if cohorts of mice (5 or more of one gender) are needed at a specific age range for experiments, we will do our best to accommodate your age request.

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Standard Supply

Repository-Live represents an exclusive set of over 1800 unique mouse models across a vast array of research areas. Breeding colonies provide mice for large and small orders and fluctuate in size depending on current research demand. If a strain is not immediately available, you will receive an estimated availability timeframe for your inquiry or order in 2-3 business days. Repository strains typically are delivered at 4 to 8 weeks of age. Requests for specific ages will be noted but not guaranteed and we do not accept age requests for breeder pairs. However, if cohorts of mice (5 or more of one gender) are needed at a specific age range for experiments, we will do our best to accommodate your age request.

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