Mouse care & husbandry

Mouse room conditions

Learn how to optimize environmental conditions to reduce mouse stress

General husbandry tips

Recommendations for colony maintenance

Colony planning

Determine number of breeders required to produce a cohort of mice for experiments, based on breeding scheme and strain reproductive capabilities

Tips for poor breeders

Breeding suggestions for low producing strains

Fostering litters

How and when to use a foster mother

Aggression and fighting

Factors to consider when mice are aggressive toward each other

Mouse identification

Four commonly used methods for identifying mice

JAXTag™ Identification System

The JAXTag™ Identification System is designed to reliably label and identify mice

Generation Definitions

Symbols used and examples of generation numbers of JAX® Mice

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to routine mouse care and husbandry questions

Breeding Considerations

Definitions and examples of breeding productivity of JAX® Mice

Mouse breeding resources and references

Links to additional information online

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