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July 9

Best Practices in Efficient Colony Management

July 16

Protecting Colonies from Genetic Drift

July 23 Reproductive Biology of the Mouse


August 6 Mouse Phenome Database: Knowledge to Drive Discovery
August 13 Cutting Edge Human Disease Modeling Using the NSG™ Mouse


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Mouse Model Creation Technologies

CRISPR/Cas Mediated Genome Engineering in Mice (1:05:00)

Cre-lox Basics: An Introduction to Using Cre-lox Technology in Mouse Modeling (00:26:25)

Cre-lox Beyond the Knockout: Using Cre-lox Technology to Model Cancer, Neurodegenerative Diseases and More (00:31:02)

Light Up Your Research: Use and Selection of Optogenetic Mouse Models (00:41:00)


Humanized Mouse Models

Innovative Preclinical Research Using Humanized NSG Mice (1:00:38)

Patient-Derived Xenografts for Cancer Therapeutics Development and Predictive Modeling (1:00:00)

Selection of Humanized Mouse Models for Biomedical Research (1:06:30)

Humanized NSG Mice: Revolutionary Models of Human Infectious Diseases (00:37:25)

Cancer Immunotherapy: Experimental Models and Approaches (00:37:44)

Tips and Tricks to care for NSG Mice (00:27:16)

Mouse Research

Reproductive Biology of Mice (1:00:02)

Protect Your Research: Know Your B6 Mouse (00:36:24)

Modeling Infectious Disease in the Mouse: Challenges and Innovations (00:33:36)

Making Sense of Mouse Nomenclature and Promoting Genetic Stability (00:44:35)

Aligning Health Surveillance and Risk in Embryo Transfer (00:17:48)

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